GM Auction

2nd time slot of the New Years GM Auction. The item lots will be MOSTLY the same as the last day. Some minor changes may be made.

Many items will be put up for auction, from pet quest items, to clothing, to furniture! There will also be a few services for auction such as providing powerful GM buffs to your dungeon party before your next dungeon run.

Only kron will be accepted, and you must pay for your item immediately, so be sure to have the kron on hand. For the services, they must be redeemed within a week.

There will be a limit of 3 items/services that can be bought per player.

The event will last roughly an hour, possibly longer. Candy monsters will spawn after the auction.

The auction will take place at this location in Eir

Auction lot #7 and #12 will include your pick of ONE of these house items: Teddy Bear, Pool Table, Jukebox, Coffee table, and Gingerbread Man

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Comments 6

  • oh no Gummy joining were gonna die

  • B > Jukebox

    • Can't wait to crash to your house ! ^^

      Haha 1
  • Gingerbread man is available once Houses are released for those who missed out on info in the 1st time slot. Best to pick 1 of the other 4.

    • Yeah I would not pick any of them they are pointless, I have no idea why people are so happy for pointless house furniture or housing that does nothing.

    • In Og some of the furniture gave buffs and what not so it wasn't pointless