6v6 Class PvP

For this PvP event, it will be teams of 6, but each member must be of a different class. Its not required to have 6 members, but each member must be of a different class line. Each match will be best 2 out of 3. Teams will be randomly matched up.

Signups close on the 26th at 1pm. If there are not at least 2 teams signed up by then, the event will be cancelled.


  • This event is sign up only. To sign up, comment below your team
  • Each team member must be of a different class line (any level, including xenian)
  • Last minute team member changes are fine
  • Tiny HP potions are the only HP healing items allowed. If you have any other hp healing item in your inventory, you will not be allowed to enter
  • Any size mp potion is fine
  • No running into safe zone after event starts
  • No Divine Protection of Jureah are allowed, BUT, revives from healers are fine
  • Participants that log out or disconnect will be teleported to the stands upon re-entering
  • No use of transformation potions


This event will not be held in the normal Essene arena. Spectators will meet at City Hall 1st floor to be warped to the party arena stands. Participants will meet at City Hall 2nd floor.


1st place: 10-day gold medal, 500 Sakura Spirits, and 10-day Fox's Craftiness accessory (+1 POW, +5 INT, +1 AGI, +3 WIS, +30 HP, +80 MP, +25 Magic Attack, +10 Defense)

2nd place: 10-day silver medal, 300 Sakura Spirits, and 2-day Fox's Craftiness accessory

Prizes will be sent to gift boxes.

Event stream link:

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The closing date for this event has passed.

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    • Bek

  • z

  • are AutoGenesis pods allowed? that's a healing item no?

  • depends

  • I don't know if i can find a team to join i'll check around it sounds like fun though join a team I would.


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    • Lira


  • If only I didn't work that day. Good luck Xenians! Hopefully another Pvp event will happen soon.

  • :(

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  • Yay ! Lets have fun ! :love:

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  • Veo+, kaicean, Jr.Detective, Setsuna, Soru, Mewshix

    Like 3 Haha 1
  • Kitiara, XueLin, BekTemp, Tsalbos, guesswho and Badheat


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  • NUB healer still looking for team to die with me.

  • Plans to host an evening server time one? Or weekend one as well? I hope...?

    • Only if no teams sign up for this day/timeslot. The day and time was selected by a supporter on ko-fi.

    • I think i'm going to just host a 2nd 8:30pm timeslot on the 29th instead.

  • weak healer lookin for party

  • LF Party :3

  • Signups close on the 26th at 1pm. If there are not at least 2 teams signed up by then, the event will be postponed to 8:30pm the same day.

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