Donations & Voting

  • Hello Xenians!

    Heres a little donation overview of the first Month of the release of Xen Rebirth.

    Total Donations in April: USD 1,100

    Payment for the Server and other costs: USD 400

    So, basically the server is funded for May too, but it will be saved for low donation months.

    What does that mean?

    When there are only 300 USD donated in May, I will use 100 USD from the saved money and do not increase the donation goal for the next month.

    Thanks a lot for your donations! <3

    Thats a very good start!

    Private Server Voting

    Starting today, you get a reward for voting for the game on 2 different Private Server Voting Platforms.

    We will try this for 3 months and check if it's worth to keep this.

    After next update you can transfer the Tickets to your ingame account cart.

    A NPC will be added, to redeem the prices.

    Check for details.

    If you are not logged in, you will not get a Ticket.

    Here a little sneak peek of what you can get:

    * Biker Suit Black/Red (Male/Female)

    * Alice Dress (Female)

    * Cat Backpack (Male/Female)

    * Handcrafted Wings

    * Toy Car

    And much more

    (If you have voted in the past 24 hours, you need to wait..)


    Admin & Game Master

    Report Bugs in the Bug Section please!

    Donate if you like the game ;)