Hotfixes & Client Patches

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    This Thread will contain a list of recent Hotfixes.

    Hotfixes are important Bugfixes which are applied as soon as possible.

    Hotfixes will be announced about a minute in advance.

    After a Hotfix there can occur a few problems:

    1. Monsters stop following (just hit them and they should move again)

    2. Skill Buff timers can go into negatives (only visual)

    3. Pets will stop picking up items (respawn it to fix it)

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    05/27 Hotfixes

    * Fixed "revive" with shop exploit

    * Fixed pet skill bug (usage of higher skill levels)

    * Fixed invisible characters after death from boss' mines/bombs

    * Fixed game crash due to invisible party bar

    (The invisible Bar is still there, but it wont trigger the error)

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    07/05 Hotfixes

    * Wedding Ring Skill fixed

    * Low Level Disciple Shields +3 - +7 drop fixed

    * Shadow Fury Skill Book fixed

    * Obstacle Race fixed

    * Added Pendant exchange to the Eir Merchant

    * Monster Dodge Fixed

    A client restart is recommended.

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    Todays Hotfixes:

    * Dragon Island drops disappearing too early fixed

    * Pet return bug fixed

    * Punching Poyo in Eir has returned (please don't make it run again Q.Q)

    * Increased Xenian Skills' pvp multiplier

    * Slime beans fixed

    Note: This may need some time until the map item cache fixes itself.

    Please look forward to a feature preview this weekend. ;)

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    10/17 Hotfixes:

    • Fixed White Cat issue
    • Took out Ra's def general temporary
    • Amaranth gives now radnigatas when you have the quest
    • Fixed HHs with fixed damage. They can be dodged now. Also changed the 40 to 30 damage for now.
    • Fiersaviers HP pool should be fixed now too :)
    • Fixed Four Season event. It doesnt close anymore after worldboss spawn

    A relog is recommended!

    Especially for the Amaranth Wyrm Quest!

    There may be more Hotfixes today!

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    10/18 Hotfixes:

    • Fixed Storage.
      It's now possible to access the storages on all characters when the quest has been completed on another character (relog required)
      We will hand out refunds for those who did the quest multiple times within the next days.
    • Changed the new Hard Hitters
      Removed the new HHs from temp+ and Sky maps. Changed the way HH damage gets calculated for Shenzhen Maps.
      It is possible to get down to 0 dmg. Max. damage from the HH skill is 45 though.
    • Changed HH amount in maps
      Hard Hitters have been reduced by 30% and other mobs have been increased (map reset required)

    • Fixed some stuff for the upcoming Halloween events
    • Fixed not disappearing Worldboss HP bar
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    10/19 Hotfixes + Patch

    • Fixed Majiton Kill Quest location (to Edine Guard)
    • Removed Sun Lucky Ball and added Skull and Pumpkin Lucky Ball to the drop list
    • Fixed/Changed some non SC gear to SC gear in the Lucky Balls
    • Added some of the new emotes to the Green Lucky Ball
    • Fixed Shady Dealer
    • Fixed Templar Class' HP Bar
    • Fixed a bug that caused Fiersavier to spam more skills
    • Fixed a bug that could have caused the lag and issues during Worldbosses
      (Feedback, if it is better, worse or the same, is appreciated Q3 update bugs)

    A client restart is required for the Templar HP, Majiton Quest and Shady Dealer fix

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    10/25 Hotfixes

    • Fixed Quest to get the Impulse Skill Pet
    • Fixed Impulse Pet's Skill
    • Fixed some teleport restrictions for "Go to Partner" Skill
    • Fixed Worldboss bugging the Race Event

    The refunds for multiple completed storage quests per account have been added to the accounts storage (kron + tokens)

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    12/02 Hotfixes & Patch

    • Changed Rudolph and Snowguy's weight to 10 and made it storable *
    • Added Christmas Tree #3 to Essene
    • Fixed Bulwark MP in skill's description *
    • Fixed some more wrong texts *
    • Fixed another issue with lvl 125 wedding ring teleport restriction

    * Patch needed; client restart required

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    12/21 Hotfixes & Patch

    • Changed Violet Laser Saber (Xenian) into Wooden Katana (Xenian) *
    • Fixed 4th of July Firework Emote
    • Fixed Storage 2 and 3 at Dragon Village *
    • Fixed wrong notice when exchanging tokens for a dragon or tiger mount or exchanging Dragon Essence to Dragon Cape
    • Xenians now can wear wings, accessories and costumes for their level
    • Fixed the issue with Santa Worldboss not giving rewards for skill usage

    * Patch needed; client restart required

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    03/16 Small Hotfix and patch

    • Fixed Spirits mount buff
    • Fixed a problem with def calculation
      There still can occur one def calculation bug with Saint Rising in rare occasions. We are working on a fix.
    • Changed Leprechaun Shoes def to 5*
    • Added Big Leprechaun mobs (will be spawned tomorrow and the next days)*
      (The Patty event will start soon too. Another post coming soon)

    * Patch needed; client restart required

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    04/10 Small Hotfix and patch

    • Fixed some spelling errors *
    • Added Master of Fate and Miracle Researcher to Minimap *
    • HG Suit and Hat can now be swapped *
    • Fixed SC version of Passionate & Confessional Chocolate
    • Removed Challenge items from drop table

    There may be another Hotfix today or within the next days

    * Patch needed; client restart required

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    05/26 Hotfiixes

    • Potential fix for Sand Desert Dungeon's crystal spawn
    • Fixed mount reroll bug with HP & MP (gave sometimes the wrong stat)
    • Fixed Divine Descent Lv 3 skill level
    • Adjusted Trial mob level
    • Changed Pet Rebirth to not give the same pet again
    • Fixed HP buff from Leprechaun adding twice on server when summoning 2 of Leprechaun pets
    • Fixed Gryphon HP
    • Slime Bean buff now gets reloaded after hotfixes
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    10/10 Hotfix and Patch

    Today the following bugs have been fixed through the day:

    • Pet Token reward reset didn't reset on first click
    • Dragon Village Transporter had the wrong options
    • Robo Wing Upgrade didn't work
    • Secret Altar NPC
    • Rewards from Worldbosses did not show instantly
    • Some Skill icons were off

    More fixes coming soon ;)