Hotfixes & Client Patches

    • Official Post

    10/11 Hotfix and Patch

    • Fixed Saint Rising
    • Fixed Shenzhen Transporters
    • Fixed Wedding Ring purchase
    • Fixed Pet Quest incubator enhancment steps
    • Fixed an issue with seasonal pets
    • Fixed an issue with the account cart

    Patching the client is necessary to fix some quest issues!

    More fixes coming soon !

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    10/16 Hotfix and Patch

    • Fixed stuck screen at Ashera Metruon
    • Added result message at permanent enhancement at Ashera Metruon
    • Fixed expiry date for gears from Ashera Metruon
    • Fixed hp, mp emote buffs when casting on self
    • Fixed Alteration and Peak armor levels
    • Removed Public sale list from Auction House because we don't use it
    • Spawned Seasonal NPCs again at City Hall
    • Fixed Overtrick CD icon
    • Items that shouldn't be able to be sold over auction house do not register anymore (but could show up in the list to register items)
    • Fixed Albatross Village Teleport
    • Fixed Power Reinforce, Invocation & Introspection on server (the stat window may not update though)
    • Fixed inspect option
    • Adjusted Public, Party, Guild maximum message text length to 100
    • Added weight candy to mayo monsters
    • Added Lv 200 Quest to Reinmoth (gives special helmet and spawns a mayo)

    All handed out helmets for lvl 200 have been removed. Please take the quest to get it again :)

    Restarting the game to get the patch is required!