Item Expiration Visual Indication

  • Hello! :)

    Like many other players, I have accumulated a wealth of Lucky Balls and Lucky Ball items while playing that have totally cluttered up my inventory. When it gets to the point of having to recycle all my unwanted equipment at the Recycle Girl, I find it rather tedious having to sort through my items *very carefully* to not throw away any of my non-expired Rabbit Ears. 8|

    When equipment items from Lucky Balls have expired in the player's bank or inventory, to my knowledge there is no visual indication that it is past expiration. Having the item in your inventory (versus having it in the bank, where the expiration time is NOT displayed) to mouse over the description is the only way to check if the item is still usable.

    It would be very helpful to have some type of visual indication of expired items, whether it be by a time stamp/sticker over the item or a sort of red boarder or background (similar to how non-tradeable items have a blue background to it.) :/

    I think this would add a bit of convenience and time saving to those who are looking to unclutter their inventories or simply find the right *useable* piece of gear if a player has duplicates.

    (Sorry in advance if this suggestion has been made previously! I only skimmed the forums before making this post - teehee)


    Edited once, last by Chookie: Edit: Added a snipping of how expired vs unexpired items look identical in your inventory (unless you mouse over the description) 2 second Photoshop work proposal for a visually indicated expired item follows: ().

  • Agree for a way to either have a different visual indication (not only for expired/unexpired, but for perm ones, too) or being able to "lock" perm costumes as to not accidentally recycle it, ESPECIALLY since you have to take off the costume if you're trying to recycle a duplicate of the costume you're wearing. I know a suggestion on being able to "lock" items have been suggested in the past.

    I personally have accidentially recycled a perm Cat Bell because I had to take mine off in order to recycle an extra one / expired one I had, so now I really am cautious on what I recycle.

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  • Didn't expired fashion items became red? or am I mixing up other mmorpg memories with Solstice? where it gets turned red so you can't wear it.

    they do not become red, only identification is to hover over it or it says "item is expired" when trying to equip it. however would be a nice addition for identification purposes

  • AngelsSpawn I typo'd my sentence. What I meant was " back in the day years ago like 14 years ago? old Secret of the Solstice " didn't expired fashion become red and unusable? I might have been confused with other mmorpg's though. I know they don't... turn red now... :|

    Unfortunately they just sat there looking like "please wear me"...and you couldnt :( No red to them

  • I guess with the amount of Fashion that's in the game... it had be coded that every single one of them would turn red... not sure how much work that costs. Still a QoL change for sure when recycling

    That's assuming each item graphic contains both the background and the item as one static image. If the background is its own image with a transparent item overlayed on top, swapping out the background image to a red one (or just changing the hue of it programmatically) can be done much easier.

    If the icons contain both the background and the item image, changing the hue programmatically is still possible but would end up tinting the items red, which honestly doesn't make much of a difference to me; the important thing is being able to quickly see something is expired or not.

    I also have no idea what the codebase looks like though; if it's from 2008 I'm sure there's some... interesting methods of doing things. :D

  • Hello everyone,

    I don't think this suggestion will be possible any time soon. This is a limitation on the categories available for items as defined by the client. This is unfortunately something that is embedded into our client code and I don't believe our developer has had the time to manually create new categories for items like these that have expired. Perhaps in the future when we have less dire changes that require attention, we can give this suggestion some love. I do agree it would be a very big quality of life change to this game, in addition to perhaps creating green-background items for permanent variations of items!

    Good suggestions everyone! I think this would be a great idea, but would have to see attention far in the future.


    GM Toast