Desert Dungeon + Future Dungeons.

  • Many people know of the Desert Dungeon, but how many people actually USE the Desert Dungeon?

    At this point in the game, not many people use this dungeon if at all.

    My suggestion is to re-implement it as a higher level dungeon (Lv150+) and have it be a Solo Dungeon.

    Maybe give players an NPC that sells (Desert) Dungeon Tickets with max entries per day limited to 6 as others, but not under the same Daily Dungeon limit.

    So 6 Daily Dungeons like Tiger, plus these additional OPTIONAL dungeon entries per day.

    As for the Dungeon Mechanics, maybe have a Timer?

    See how many mobs you can kill within a 15 minute time-span; including Dungeon Bosses after 50 minion (mob) kills.

    The dungeon could benefit players by granting extra experience and a new style of dungeon to test your grit.

    If the Desert Dungeon is not able to be changed, then I suggest making a new Dungeon in the Flame Altar B3 with an NPC to warp you.

    Inferno Dungeon would suit it nicely if placed down there LOL.

    Future Dungeons!
    Today during GM Toast's demonstration for new skills, Tree suggested we could implement Raids!

    What are Raids? Raids are High Level Dungeons with many Players (8-16) as a large party.

    We could create a Raid Dungeon with 2-3 Daily Entries.

    As for where we could access this Dungeon, I am not sure yet.

    Perhaps in Candyvault or Jottunheim; as these towns do not get as much love as the rest xD

    That being said, I fully support this Raid feature for the future if it is plausible for the GMs to create.

    If anyone has other opinions, please share them here :D

  • FearDivinity, I posted a thread regarding Raid Function a long time ago, might be something that's rough to implement though great to have.

    And I agree, the purpose of the Sand Dungeon is somewhat lacking including Rusty. I mentioned in the guild leveling thread I made that they should be part of the guild leveling system. In that if you do them once a week it levels your guild up.

    Making elements of the game related to the activities gives incentives for players to do them. Linking guild leveling is one way. Another way would be exclusive items like Fashion if you finish Sand Dungeon to collect items and award you that exclusive rare Fashion or mount or pet etc.

  • Rage , I did not know. I rarely use the Forums o:
    We have a few unused or lack of usefulness dungeons in my opinion.

    The Desert Dungeon, Pirate Ship, and the Suspicious Factory..

    Pirate Ship is basically unused anymore due to Lost Brynhild Dungeon.

    Suspicious Factory and Desert Dungeon are completely overlooked as well.

    It would be nice if they got an update to be more viable these days..

    As for rewards, I agree costumes would be nice.

    We could recycle costumes from past events that people may have missed.

    Although I am not too familiar with all the costumes available at the moment x_x