wt issue and item not showing after re-log

  • I notice after the patch there was an issue with WT and Item not showing up in your inventory after you re-log. I was aoeing in Amor slim bean was on, the pet loot the items. I usually do 4 round and I get full and over WT. I just did two round and I'm already over WT, the WT bar is not flashing red. During the kill and looting the item didn't show up in my inventory after I re-log. The first pic show after I kill and loot nothing in gear inventory. Second pic show after I re-log all the items show up in my inventory. Thank you.

  • I experienced this once to day as well. I was on my Holy Avenger and my weight bar was only half full (still 1000-1500 or so weight from where i'd get overweight). I thought that was pretty strange. Since it's not only happening to me, and this began just after the update...I'm thinking it's likely a side effect of something from the recent patch. I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this too.

  • I have also experienced this bug/glitch(whatever you want to call it) As I was AOEING I noticed my char was starting to walk really slowly, checked my weight, and nothing unusual weight scale not flashing red, at this state I cannot further AOE so i repot and unloaded and the weight scale did not decrease. so did my normal routine repot, storage, spa and warped. Once i warped noticed my weight was flashing so I checked my inventory and saw a lot of gears and misc items that was not previously displayed in my inventory. This bug/glitch is a nuisance, could you please remedy this issue! Sorry no attachments!

  • Can confirm that this is an issue, but my alt has to relog every single time I get fat because none of the items show up in my inventory or only part of the items show up. My weight bar also doesn’t show when I’m fat, it only shows the amount of weight added IF the items actually go into my inventory and those items I can see that I have picked up show up as picked up in my chat. The items that go into my inventory and are not seeable do not show as picked up at all in chat.

  • The pic is in order.

    I notice my pet loot the items. In chat it didn't show up what I looted and didn't show in inventory. After re-log all the item I looted show up in inventory.

    Maybe it's the pet looting since second pet got added?

  • Gonna bump this thread up because since the last update seem slime beans not working proprely and cause the items to be picked up become invisible in the inventory as soon the pets pick them up when they drop, also the wt stat dosen't budge at all even if the item are picked up by the pet, the only way to fix this is to relog. When u relog, all the items u pick up by the pet is in ur inventory as well the wt show the right amount. It happen on most the low level maps so far. Also some high level maps has a another issue the pet dosen't pick up the items even with slime bean on. So The slime beans has now two issues: 1:Slime bean working but causing the items disapear in inventory and not showing on chat it has been picked up and wt stay the same, temporaily fixed by character reloging. 2:Some high level maps, the slime bean dosen't work and pet dosen't pick up the items(Templar gorge maps and beyond, Sleepless Grave level 1 seem to be the map affected by this) only way to pick up the item fast is using Alt key on keyboard. Which is annoying if u aoe a high level map and those two issues happen.