Only 1 lucky ball for Summer Pool Event prize ?

  • Hi, : )

    Question about rewards in Summer Pool Event.

    I was at SPA from the beginning to the end of the event on July 4th, but I only got one lucky ball.

    I didn't open a shop or re-login during the event.

    There was enough room in the inventory. Even during the event, I deleted potions and other items to increse vacancy.

    I only received 1 Moon Lucky Ball. It says in Event Forum that prizes are given randamly. Did I receive just 1 prize because it was given randamly? or is this some kind of bug ?

    My character's name is Lime.

  • I am sorry that occurred. You would have gotten more than that but unfortunately the time to let me know was during the event. Going afk in the spa was not part of the event, though I know many did. This could be an unknown bug. What is done is done. The best we can do is look for the possible issue and fix it so it doesnt happen again in the future but if you afk during an event then you're not truly participating.

  • If, upon your investigation, my behavior logs are indicating me being AFK, then that is clearly wrong. I was active chatting with friends throughout the event, checking my inventory and deleting some of items in the inventory. I moved my characters around, too. Also, when there was an announcement from GM that the event is over, I spoke out about this issue, that I only received 1 lucky ball, to no avail.

    Please consider taking steps to prevent this kind of things happening again in the future.
    During the event, my position was sometimes close to the perimeter of the SPA, and this might be the reason why malfunction occurred.