Bugged Hyperspeed Tiger forced me to delete party and forfeit dungeon run

  • Tiger Bugged and went hyperspeed and forced me to delete party and forfeit the dungeon run. It would be nice to get a dungeon reset if at all possible since we had to forfeit our run, but no big deal if we can't. Video proof of the incident below, you can see him attacking 2-3 times faster than normal. I had to rotate the camera to make sure there wasn't two tigers...

    Video of Hyperspeed Tiger

    List of players:

    • MayoMayo
    • Milky<3
    • DoubleTrax
    • Beto
    • Polexia
    • Mocha
    • Sushi.
    • Vivi
  • This bug just happened to my party as well, was a really horrific experience.

    We managed to finish by spamming pots like no tomorrow because half my party are tanks in their normal defense gears and I have almost 1.9k HP, but it was with 13 deaths and a horrible experience.

    I hope this is fixed and does not happen ever again Dx