cannot launch game

  • i cant launch game, i came back after few months of pause, then ... nothing, when i launch xenrebirth.exe it launch window with launcher and update, then when i click PLAY , i got that black window (like in that attachments) and ... freeze... nothing happenend... for many minutes still the same

    Didnt help:

    - download new client from web

    - instal new graphic drivers

  • This is a hard one. I never experienced this.

    Could you check if the game runs on your GPU.

    Old games like this mostly do not get recognized by the GPU and try to run on the CPU. But this does not work with every CPU.

    You can add the XenClient.exe in the Nvidia Control Panel (Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> Add)

    Is enough RAM free to use?

    (I'm sure there is, but I ask anyway hehe)

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  • Thank You for reply.

    Yes. I restarted both PC and Modem - still the same.

    Sorry for stupid question, but... How to launch game on GPU? XDD

    And yes, i have 16GB RAM DDR4 so i can guess its rather enough than not enough, right? :D