Mob Lock in New Shenzhen Maps

  • Regarding this issue, I understand that the purpose of increasing the speed of mobs on schenzen maps was to avoid the KITE AOE.

    It seems to me that the idea is not bad but if it was not correct in the way it was implemented, as the post says, the problem currently is that it is impossible to perform aoe without having mob lock this is extremely stressful to the point of trying to almost be impossible to collect the whole map.

    Points with which I do not agree

    1- Be required to have an amount (X) of mov speed to aoe.

    2- Not being able to do aoe without using all my defense accessories by this I mean that I am obliged to use the Robo Wings.

    3- If the HH of the maps were intended to generate more party options for the healers or any other class (supports) this is not working, due to how easy the d-sync allows the mobs to drop by the mobs' mov speed

    4- The Tank classes that should be the most benefited due to the highest defense points are the most affected by the mob lock (An example of this are the HA that must be casting skills every 5min) and in order to perform an aoe fast and effective takes about 8min.

    5- Being forced to raise disproportionate AGI points where Tanks lose their essence.

    Possible solutions (From a point of view of complete ignorance in programming)

    1- Reduce the speed of the mobs so that it matches that of the Sky Maps or some similar map. (Pole's idea)

    2- Generate an accessory or potion that generates a mob lock immunity for a portion of time.

    3- Generate a buff that when entering the schenzen maps all the mov speeds of the players are the same for example:

    If (Player-1) enters the schenzen maps with 50mov speed it is automatically reduced to 40mov speed, this taking into account that the difference between the mobs and the player is always proportional.

    b. Generate a mov speed restriction to be able to enter the schenzen maps

    c. If the intention was to be able to evade the Kite-aoe in this way it could be solved (At least for these maps)

    I also understand that there are many Skills that generate mov-speed but it seems to me that it is less shocking than having all the mobs in front of you.

    Any suggestion regarding this is totally welcome.

    Pd: The above ideas are based on zero knowledge in programming

  • Im failing to understand why kite aoeing is a bad thing...?

    1.It requires alot more Skill/knowledge to even attempt to kite aoe

    2. No one parties with dps anymore unless they are friends/guildies and literally have to ask to do so

    im not seeing why they would reduce it for the classes that literally need to kite aoe to even level due to the fact that exp is Trash everywhere there is no solo haven at end game and not many aoers invites them because they see it as an exp waste more than needing the dps to kill an extra 10-20 seconds faster.... ive experienced this the higher my Ranger gets and its fun an something new compared to stand still aoeing which gets boring fast.

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  • iTree the Kite-AoE issue was towards what Archers were allowed to do compared to other classes

    Not to derail the moblock topic, but the act of Kite-AoE itself probably no one has anything against it " if " you take in context what people have lost compared to the original game. And Archers skill-wise lost nothing, every other class lost something or a lot. This made players angry, including with how unfair Kite-AoE was being practiced very early on in the game. So it's not about how skillful it is.

    • It's what Archers could do that other classes never could with the same investments at the time
    • And that Archers were the only class that lost nothing in comparison to the original game

    Well if that's the case I started making the argument.

    If Archers lost nothing, why not make it so the other classes lost nothing?

    And for 8 months now I guess? I have been crossing the line on that. Personally, I don't consider it crossing the line, but the CBT balance team disagreed. I warned them like prophecies what would happen if they continued with the direction they took the game with.

    • Class imbalances for both PvE and PvP
    • Unjustified nerfs / buffs / skill alteration
    • Smaller player-base will mean partying issues
    • Saying they want Longevity but they will do the opposite

    With many other issues, it's not like anyone else couldn't have foreseen these issues coming. Anyone with gaming experience could. They asked for feedback on that, it got ignored, were now stuck with these issues. Among them are convoluted changes that created the mob-lock issue and the supposed Kite-AoE issue. Cause think about it...

    If they acknowledge what I said, that every class should be balanced towards what they were capable of doing in the original game? it means that Archers and Mages are made to be able to tank, yes and every other class has their nerfs reverted including damage for Templars and Warriors. Then in essence the alteration that caused this mob-lock issue to negate the Kite-AoE would not have been a issue at all.