CnC x Ita! Sekrit Sant-ugh 2020

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    The Itadakimasu! discord server has a channel called #rng-grievances where I basically live and is a hub where guildies and friends post all our garbage luck--pets, mounts, gear enhancing, etc. Now unless your name is Celten, Sluster, or sai_guru who roll literally the best everything all-around without effort, we all have them rotting away in our storage. With the reroll system around the corner, Chaos n Carnage and Itadakimasu! guilds are hosting a closed-circle Secret Santa event, with a twist!


    No one ever in this entire server: I want a % MP White Tiger!

    Until now. And only now tbh.

    Originally a meme but here we are. Instead of gifting and receiving ideal skill pets/mounts (we too broke and stingy for dat), we exchange our bad luck with one another. Each of our MP rolls, POW on magic mounts, etc. will find a new home in another person's unfortunate inventory/storage. One person's garbage roll is still a garbage roll for another person.


    This will be an invite-only exchange to limit any potential "scams." The exchanged gift may be useless for now, but we still wouldn't want anyone not receiving theirs.


    Here are the guilds so far that are participating, kudos to friends who have an alt in literally all of them to spread the word. If you are part of any of these guilds and want to participate, send a FORUM DM to me unless you have me on discord.

    • Adrenaline
    • Atavist
    • Bar Fight
    • Burns When I PvPee
    • CanIHepYou
    • Chaos n Carnage
    • Hypermilf
    • Itadakimasu!
    • Kuki Kumas
    • Mushashi
    • Naughty By Nature
    • Red Panda Club
    • Sanctuary
    • Technophobia


    1. Like any typical Secret Santa, ONLY sign up if you have something you're willing to give.

    2. Your gift can either be a bad roll mount or skill pet. Both will get the reroll treatment eventually anyway. No exchanging Brooms ty.

    3. Must follow through with the exchange. We will know who will have who. :)

    4. Encouraged to post a screenshot of the exchange on this forum thread for the memories!

    Note: Wishlist section is there in case your Sekrit Sant-ugh actually has what you want. There are NO guarantees you'll get what you ask for (just like that ideal roll you wanted).


    DECEMBER 20 - 26

    To give more time for others to sign up (or get a bad roll), participants can exchange their gifts any time during the week of Christmas!

    With that said, check back later to see who got what bad roll for Christmas! Very excited to see how this turns out.



    Closed Beta

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  • Total participants so far: 16

    Just wanted to update how many are participating in this closed-circle player event! The participating guilds list has been updated as well. If you are part of any of the listed guilds and want to join in the RNG solidarity fun, don't hesitate to contact me! Or find out which of your guildies has the link to the sign-up form (aka likely your guild leader or someone you know who has an alt in 80% of them).

    Sign-Up Deadline:
    December 13


    Closed Beta

    ☆ ☆ Chill-n-Chat Guild ┊ Skittles<3 (146 Paladin)

    ━━ ☆ ━━

    Chaos n Carnage Guild ┊ Kuki Kumas Guild ┊ Itadakimasu! Guild

    Skittles<3 (17X Paladin) ┊ M&Ms<3 (16X Shadow Master) ┊ Monotone (15X Archer Lord)

  • The unexpected PM is the deadliest anyone who understands this dumb reference knows whats up

    Was in the middle of doing something until I got a PM and it was from my sekrit sant-ugh! :0 It took me a lil bit to realize it was them once I read their name. Duh... LOL (ty for putting my name in your alt's IGN. #1 Best sekrit sant-ugh ever).


    Meeting up at the exchange location


    After the exchange

    I actually really was smiling after the exchange went through. Today has been quite an exhausting day for me and not to mention I was a bit grumpy due to lack of sleep lately. This interaction made up for it, 100%. Highkey got up from my desk and was screaming about how happy I was about my gift. Don't care if its bad. Because 1.) It's one of the things that I wanted (WOOO) and 2.) rerolls are coming out soon!


    My gift from my Sekrit Sant-UGH
    So what did I get? Drum roll please...


    A thank you message to my Sekrit Sant-UGH:

    Me love you long time. You will get an unlimited supply of my signatures (if you want) for this amazing gift. Not to mention YOU'RE A REAL ONE. Thank you so much once again! <3

  • My Sekrit Sant-ugh was also early into the gifting season. So early I was literally still in bed at the time and didn't want to get up.

    ugh wat.PNG

    Even Tempest above agrees with me amirite.

    pls no.PNG

    Decided to force myself up before they embarrass me any further.


    I really wanted to fight them in PvP but this had to do.


    200 noobsteaks and slaps later....

    fund me thx.PNG

    Actually, can they fund me a def yellow cat thanks

    And what I got was....

    Hope they enjoyed those White Eggs because that was literally my breakfast after (except not THAT many).

    Not exactly what I had envision this sekrit santugh exchange would go overall (no one knows who theirs was still wtf D:<) but glad it went this way! ^^ Excited to see everyone else's!


    Closed Beta

    ☆ ☆ Chill-n-Chat Guild ┊ Skittles<3 (146 Paladin)

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    Chaos n Carnage Guild ┊ Kuki Kumas Guild ┊ Itadakimasu! Guild

    Skittles<3 (17X Paladin) ┊ M&Ms<3 (16X Shadow Master) ┊ Monotone (15X Archer Lord)

  • My Sekrit Sant-Ugh adventure was a fairly long one. Since the maximum number of attachments per post seems to be 10, so I'll be splitting my post into four parts.

    Act 1: Meeting SantazHelper and Rescuing Elf2

    It all began when I received a message on Discord from a person named SantazHelper (who is totally not somebody I know).


    So I went to Arcarinas Square, and sure enough, there he was. I was personally asked to help SantazHelper rescue Santa's Elves, and so I happily obliged.


    Some background lore on SantazHelper, which I found really endearing and cute.


    The first elf's location. He looked like almost every Xenian you see running around in this game. Does that mean Santa hires only low level elves to work for him? I always had a hunch that he was violating some sort of labor law regarding his elves. Suspicious.



    I escorted Elf1 through the dangerous area known as Brynhild Trisects. It was a difficult journey, but I managed to successfully bring Elf1 to Santa.


    As compensation for my efforts, Elf1 rewarded me with 5 Sirius' Stars.




    And so the story continues... and the next act begins.


    SantazHelper sent me a picture of Elf2's location on Discord. He seems to have been stuck in the Brynhild Culverts for the last 20 hours. Or maybe Judy is conspiring with the Grinch to ruin Christmas by kidnapping his elves. I dunno.


    Featuring my friend Squirtle, happily married to Sneetch, who seems to be acting rather suspiciously. Someone tell Sneetch about his mans.


    I found Elf2 standing next to Judy in the Brynhild Culverts.


    And I successfully escorted him back to Santa.


    Yup. Looks like Santa's been making his underleveled elves do some shady stuff for him. As a reward for my efforts, I received 5 Silkions from Elf2.


    Wait what? Something's not right.


    Seems SantazHelper possessed my friend "B" and began speaking through them. I'm starting to become a little suspicious of SantazHelper... But I guess I won't know the truth behind it all unless I rescue the third and last elf.


    Keep reading for act 3. :)

  • Act 3: Intermission and Rescuing Elf 3

    I really think SantazHelper was possessing "B". Before I could confront him and question him further, he was saved by the bell. A bell in the shape of the Amaranth Wyrm.


    I took a short break from helping Santa's elves to help the world defeat the Amaranth Wyrm in the Amorica Cave. And my reward from the Dragon Lucky Ball?


    Divine protection, bestowed upon by the Goddess of the game. Makes me feel a little less uneasy about helping SantazHelper, especially after he possessed my friend...


    Upon returning to SantazHelper, he instructed me to go rescue Elf3, who has been sleeping in Death Valley.


    Not gonna lie. I thought I'd find Elf3 dead, given the name of the map. But thankfully, just as SantazHelper said, he really was just sleeping in Death Valley. Dreaming of candy canes too, no less.



    Seems Elf3 has trouble keeping up, given his short legs. Man. Elves really do have it hard. I should really have a word with Santa about his unfair employment standards.


    In the end, we managed to rescue Elf3 and bring him back to Santa... as Santa stares down Elf3 with a bleak, disappointing look on his face.


    Seems Elf3 does not reciprocate those ill feelings towards Santa. Poor elves. They need a raise.

    For rescuing Elf3, he rewarded me with 5 Hypermills.


    Stick around for the conclusion of the story!

  • Act 4: The End of a Rocky Journey

    After Elf3 went home, SantazHelper thanked me for saving Christmas this year.


    I'm still waiting for the twist -- for when SantazHelper finally reveals that I've just been playing his game all along. Advancing his evil plans. Are Mr. and Mrs. Po in on it too? Or are they doing all of this under duress? And what about Poko?


    However, I was pleased to find out that SantazHelper was really just trying to save Christmas. Despite his highly suspicious powers of possession, he really just wanted to be a good helper to Santa.


    As a final reward for my effort, SantazHelper gifted me an unenhanced Ark Golem!



    But I'll still keep my eye on you...


    While all this was happening, it turns out Squirtle was cheating on Sneetch all along. Explains his suspicious behavior earlier. Don't forget to attend Squirtle's wedding tomorrow!


    Thank you SantazHelper! I guess I was on the nice list this year. :)


    Merry Christmas! Big thank you to my Secret Sant-Ugh and the organizers of this community event!

    Hope you had a fun time reading.

  • My Sekrit Santa gave me a pair of kitties, that is after shouting punny "jokes" in order to get me to rush to find them so they would stop. Jokes on them cause I wasn't on while they were shouting, until I went to find them lol!


    Grapefruit 14x Archer Lord  | Illyria 14x Saint Guardian | Volchok 13x Paladin

    | Grape 7x Rogue | Dragonfruit 9x Knight

  • My Sekrit got me an HP ifrix and a max wt elephant. I was so excited i totally forgot to screenshot when trading D: It is funny cause I hadn't considered getting an ifrix but now I like it so much I may keep it as it is o.o hp (got it to lv3 even today x:)...~



    misamisaDN ~ Kitiara

  • Act I: Finding My Sekrit Scammer

    After having a nice breakfast and wrapping up a work meeting, I see this on the Itadakimasu! server:


    Now granted, the name gave me some vibes of a certain person already.


    So I finally got on to look for them:


    City Hall? Sounds sus. Is it my long forgotten in-game spouse who never showed up after weeks after our marriage? I feel torn. Maybe he wants to rekindle our marriage? Maybe he wants to tell me something?

    Or maybe...


    OKAY. I catch my breathe and head over to City Hall in Mall Street.

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    BubbleTea - Archer Lord 14X ∞∞∞ Umbreon - Shadow Master 13X

    Main Guild(s): Chaos n Carnage (GM), Itadakimasu!, Kuki Kumas

    Credits to my Sekrit Sant-ugh for the Siggy <3 and Lauren for Horse Helm Pic

    OG: Celten (Adeline) - Warrior 10X l Galatic (Marian) - Shadow Master 13X

    CB: Celten - Paladin 13X l Matcha - ArchMage 13X

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  • Act II: Meeting My Sekrit Scammer

    I take the warp from Abundance Town to Arcarinas Square and head over to Mall Street. I see City Hall upon the distance as I warp into Mall Street. Who waits upon me there?


    I see the person waiting for me in City Hall. Now looking at the name, I couldn't help but make some assumptions.


    I keep my mind open. I still wonder who it is and why we're meeting at City Hall.

    I sit down next to the Xenian on the floor and wait for a response. I act casual.


    But really inside I'm like:


    So I wait for some sort of response from this person. It was a long awkward pause. Was I suppose to say something? Is there a surprise awaiting for me? WILL I FINALLY GET MY DIVORCE???


    I had to break the awkward pause. So I followed my instincts.


    Oops. That was awkward. Guess I was a bit impatient. So I wait until they finally gave a response.


    Oh dear. It was sad to hear that my real Santa was feeling ill. This must be the messenger sent from Santa's factory to convey the message and gift for me.


    How kind of this person to come on behalf of my real Santa to deliver whatever to me.

    But also in my head:


    Matcha - ArchMage 18X ∞∞∞ Celten - Paladin 15X ∞∞∞ Ube - Saint Guardian 15X

    BubbleTea - Archer Lord 14X ∞∞∞ Umbreon - Shadow Master 13X

    Main Guild(s): Chaos n Carnage (GM), Itadakimasu!, Kuki Kumas

    Credits to my Sekrit Sant-ugh for the Siggy <3 and Lauren for Horse Helm Pic

    OG: Celten (Adeline) - Warrior 10X l Galatic (Marian) - Shadow Master 13X

    CB: Celten - Paladin 13X l Matcha - ArchMage 13X

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  • Act III: The Ghost of Christmas Past???

    As Santa's messenger finishes up his explanation. A sudden figure in a black robe and black wings enters City Hall. The aura felt dark; I was uncomfortable. He flies inside City Hall and finally settles right behind me.


    Who is this? What is happening? I see the name. Dowd.

    I'm a bit nervous. I quickly examine the options that I had in my head.


    I wait for what happens next.


    What have I done? I try to think what would have made the ghost summon upon me. I think back to the past weeks and examine what horrible deeds I have done. Have I tortured Skits so much with my Horse Helm that it has summoned upon the ghost of Christmas past to haunt me?

    So many thoughts go through my head. Maybe I've been a good horse and someone is plotting against me. Right? Must be it!


    What will the ghost say? Who is the messenger's true identity? I wait for the next explanation. I'm getting ready to be warped into my own past and reflect on my horrible deeds. And finally the messenger speaks:


    The ghost runs away, into the entrance in which he came from. I catch my breath. Phew. Maybe he was summoned to the wrong person? Was I spared at the very last minute? I guess I've been a good horse after all. Either way, I wait now for what the messenger says.

    Matcha - ArchMage 18X ∞∞∞ Celten - Paladin 15X ∞∞∞ Ube - Saint Guardian 15X

    BubbleTea - Archer Lord 14X ∞∞∞ Umbreon - Shadow Master 13X

    Main Guild(s): Chaos n Carnage (GM), Itadakimasu!, Kuki Kumas

    Credits to my Sekrit Sant-ugh for the Siggy <3 and Lauren for Horse Helm Pic

    OG: Celten (Adeline) - Warrior 10X l Galatic (Marian) - Shadow Master 13X

    CB: Celten - Paladin 13X l Matcha - ArchMage 13X

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  • Act IV: The Gift

    Well, Act III was a great filler act as we approach the final scene. Turns out it was just a guildmate stalking me.

    Calm and settled, I wait to hear what the messenger says. At this point, I'm back to trying to process the real identity of my real Santa.


    Finally, the messenger speaks.


    Lucky?? Wow! I really proud of myself. This powerful phase reminds me of when I was first given a congraulation certificate back in elementary school. What a throwback quote.


    Anyways, I digress. The messenger continues to speak:


    2 gifts?! This is exciting. I wonder why they could be. Finally the moment arrives.


    Sounds like two pets/mounts? 1 from my wishlist and 1 that could make up for it? Let's continue. I click Deal and opens up the trade window.


    The messenger takes a while to process the gifts. So excited! And I see the gifts:


    AWWW. A (MP) WHITE KITTY! It wasn't on my wishlist but didn't bother listing it because I knew cats in general were hard to give up or come back. Kittens were right below my Hippocampus in terms of my favorite pets in the game thus far. I hardly doubt any one knew since Hippocampus pets have always been my all time favorite.


    What a cutie.

    But wait. Didn't the messenger say I have TWO gifts?

    Sus. I go through the list and list down all the possible suspicious folks (and possible combinations of them). I was thinking, WHO DON'T KNOW MATH WHEN UNDER PRESSURE?


    As I was about to make the call on who I think it is (and ask about the second gift). The messenger continues talking.


    A link? ...a link...



    And the messenger actually gives me a link, so I type it out.


    And my second gift appears:


    A forum signature!! Omg, I loved it so much, from the colors (my favorite shade of blue--which I doubt my sekrit Sant-ugh knew), and BUBBLE TEA!


    Super thankful to my Sekrit Sant-ugh, and hope they recover soon and feel better, too. The 2 presents are such a huge surprise, and it really made my day as I just finished my busy school semester. Thank you so much again! <3 <3

    Hope you enjoyed what really was a 10-minute event this morning LMAO.

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    BubbleTea - Archer Lord 14X ∞∞∞ Umbreon - Shadow Master 13X

    Main Guild(s): Chaos n Carnage (GM), Itadakimasu!, Kuki Kumas

    Credits to my Sekrit Sant-ugh for the Siggy <3 and Lauren for Horse Helm Pic

    OG: Celten (Adeline) - Warrior 10X l Galatic (Marian) - Shadow Master 13X

    CB: Celten - Paladin 13X l Matcha - ArchMage 13X

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  • Hi. My name is Lauren and I was visited by a cheating, lemon-balm-hungry Xenian named SekritSant.

    Forewarning: I got super excited and ended up a) screwing up screenshots so that I have only two left and b) forgetting to take cute little screenshots of the beautiful story, so this is all from memory. If this teaches you anything, it should be that you shouldn't ask me to document anything ever.

    Sweet little Sekrit shows up and shouts for "Naughty Lauren" which... can't possibly be me, but they seemed to think it was. I take personal offense to this and will be filing a libel suit as soon as I find out who this degenerate is. They tell me to get to Bryn to help Santa.

    In Bryn, I'm told that Sekrit, of all people, was entrusted with sledding some food to Albatross City, but his sled broke and now he was in danger of not being able to feed his animals who drag the sled while he repaired it because all the food was getting spoiled. Grape and Misa came with me to make sure I wasn't about to give my money to a Nigerian prince or something.


    SO FIRST, he asks for a lemon balm. Idk how many animals this guy has or why he was entrusted with this task, but alright, dope. I have 30. I threw them all at the poor little Xenian after a quick run to the hotel. He is astonished by my quick pixel legs.

    THEN, he says that some of his animals are very picky and don't like lemon. I fully believe beggars can't be choosers here, but he launches into how that totally makes sense and how instead I should get him a white egg and a weak MP potion. LF> what kind of animal survives off of white eggs and weak MP potions.

    So I run down Summerhill street, buy a weak MP pot, run back, and trade him the egg and the potion. He remarks that it took forever.

    I hate him a little bit by this point.

    He then makes me an offer: he has a dog who's kind of a freak in the world of animals-that-pull-sleighs that he's looking to get rid of. BUT, to make the offer sweeter, if I can beat him in a race to the General Store on Summerhill, he'll give me his WHOLE sleigh and all of the animals.

    I was very game, agreed, and he counted down.

    I took the lead (duh), but when I entered the general store, that CHEATING LITTLE XENIAN SLEIGHWRECKER was already there. He had warped. Why I didn't see that coming, who knows.

    My consolation prize? A beautiful Magic Ifrix and a phenomenal Magic Husky. Both dreamy. Then he said something about "oh yeah, your useless sin things" and threw me 30 transparent plants. A real hero, that one.



    Merry Christmas and stuff. I have a Husky and Ifrix to name.


    beautiful art by setsuna.

  • Hello, I am Sluster and I am one of the lucky people called out in the original post by Skittles<3. I entered this Sekrit SantUgh to help support my less fortunate friends.

    Forewarning: Just like the young lady above me I forgot to take some screenshots as I traveled to save Slustbuster in the mobs packed Santa Dungeon. Also I suck a telling stories please forgive me and Honestly Celten was so extra thats going to be hard to beat.

    My Story: Began with a shout everyone else on this list. So I was sitting here in front of my computer wondering what to do while eating Lindor chocolates debating on starting my day drinking. When out of left field a mysterious shout catches my eye.


    It hit me as a surprise as I was sure my SantUgh forgot about me after seeing everyone else get there prizes and honestly this group of people are so creative. Immediately after seeing the shout I had to comment on how Sus I thought Grapefruit was.


    Clearly Skittles<3 loves a good story so She was obviously excited to see the journey I would have to go on! Just then that mystery person in the shouts slid into my DM's and started whispering sweet words of precious loot and adventure.


    So I was to the races I made a quick stop to the inn to pick up some potions to ensure I did not die on my search for the mystery SantUgh. After my quick Stop I was off to Brynhilld to teleport into the dungeon and rescue Slustbuster As soon as I entered I saw two Santas sitting at the entrance (I was getting excited there is no SS) I start to clear a path by traveling straight think the SantUgh couldn't have been on the main path if they were lost! So I clear the path going staigh and come down to the main path and too my surprise there they were The mystery man Slustbuster was sitting quietly and patiently waiting for my arrival (there is also no SS of this, why am I like this?). As I arrived we were both very excited to see each other.


    As we teleported back to Essene GM Enigma was sitting there, I stopped thinking that it was Grapefruit for a split 2nd and asked Enigma if they were my Sekrit SantUgh! To my surprise Slustbuster replied yes to the question! Right afterwards my suspicions went back to Grapefruit. Is this where I start posting sus among us memes? I mean If I wasn't lazy then probably, but I don't think I am that extra either (Gutav disagrees though). So what was My reward for helping Slustbuster out of the dungeon?






    Prophecy Fragment!? (Wait wheres the SS) Did you just say a PROPHECY FRAGMENT? Yes, I just said that! But wait that wasn't the final reward Slustbuster had another request for me SCAMMED (I was told rescue me for reward not additional dialogue and a roll of some dice for a reward). Moving on! (Just kidding, this was nice touch to the quest) The request was to speak to Aratos to get my fortune told and tell them what I get. I umm... skipped pasted the dialogue as I do with most campaigns and watch a 3 hour video about the story at a later date. Forgot there is no 3 hour story at a later date for this case and that I am the one telling the story this time. So I thought they only needed to know what buff I got.


    I got a decent buff kind of wish this was the first step that dodge would have been useful in the dungeon. But turns out I needed the dialogue for the quest my bad ^^

    The Actual Reward !!!


    • 10,00 wooden arrows
    • 8 tradeable meridia R (Nani TF!?)
    • 1 gleaming piece (wait is this supposed to be a star??? SCAMMED AGAIN!!!)
    • Then I got a UE Camel (Majorly sus of Matcha now)

    All amazing rewards and I just wanted to thank @kaicean for putting everything together and every who participated in the event! The stories have been great to read and I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas :D

    Most Importantly I would like to thank Slustbuster for the great rewards!


    • 10.PNG

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  • Hello! I'm Lira, supposedly the best healer in the server. Though I seriously beg to differ, and Peaen would too. Apparently I haven't never healed for my Sekrit Sant-ugh. That leaves maybe 4 people on the list for whom it could be. Hmmmm....


    Anyway! I headed to Summerhill Street to rush to my Sekrit Sant-ugh's aid. Truthfully I've never had to deal with a broken bone. I wanted to tell them I specialize in anemia and other blood disorders and they should really call an orthopedic surgeon, but I can't resist seeing a bone splintered and sticking out.


    Fixing my Sekrit Sant-ugh's leg didn't take long, despite not being able to see the actual damage and my lack of expertise. The simple splint must have sufficed. My Sant-ugh gifted me with the bull, as well as a red ball (what it looked after the bull ran over him/her) and a xen (what it sounded like).


    Thank you, Sekrit Sant-ugh, for the gifts! Hope your leg feels better soon!

    Thank you, kaicean and Celten , for organizing a fun exchange. And thank you, ririchan, for your help in this too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    Lira 16x Paladin | Sati 9x Ranger | Eren 12x Wizard |

    Eryn 10x Holy Avenger | Erulisse 6x Rogue | Sassanach 13x Paladin

    OG Marian: Lira 136 Paladin | Satime 11x Ranger | Juliet~ 13x Warlord | Erulisse 8x Rogue

    ~Signature by Setsuna~

  • The God of Trivia:

    The God of Trivia.PNG

    The Player:

    The Player.PNG

    The Task:

    The Task.PNG

    The Questions:

    1. Which country did eggnog come from?
    2. The movie Miracle on 34th Street is based on a real-life department store. What is it?
    3. What color Christmas does Elvis sing about having?
    4. What did Frosty the Snowman do when a magic hat was placed on his head?
    5. What are you supposed to do when you find yourself under the mistletoe?
    6. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree? #hardmode
    7. What was the real name of the character Tim Allen plays in The Santa Clause?
    8. Three of Santa’s reindeer’s names begin with the letter “D.” What are those names?
    9. What was Frosty the Snowman’s nose made out of?
    10. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, what was the first name of Scrooge?

    The Prizes & Puns:

    The Prizes and Puns.PNG

    The Grand Prize:

    The Grand Prize 1.PNG

    The Grand Prize 2.PNG

    The End

    The End.PNG

    The Answers:

    Thanks to Lira for setting this up. Lawd knows I was too lazy to do it.


    Chill-N-Chat Guild

    Peaen 11x Assassin | Paean 7x Mage | Mango 7x Archer


    Chaos n Carnage Guild/Itadakimasu/Naughty by Nature

    Peaen 15x Shadow Master | Mango 9x Ranger | Mangosteen 10x Wizard | Papaya 5x Tanking Apprentice

  • Confirmed that all participants successfully received their sekrit sant-ugh gift(s)!

    There are two things I learned from this small event:

    1. Some people are extra af and were raising the bar/expectations.
    2. There are still rich kind people in the world so shoutout to those who gifted 2 or more!

    Thank you to those who participated in my random rng grievance idea! Lowkey thought it was going to be a simple af exchange but glad some funny stories came out of it. Definitely enjoyed a few.

    Shout out to Celten for helping out and ririchan for assigning each person a Sekrit Sant-ugh. :D


    Closed Beta

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