LinYue´s Art Sky >(O.O)<// Shirts and More ...

  • Well there's the foodie's thread if anyone is thinking about food already. Maybe @LinXue can get more inspiration there :).

    Artwork by AlexYipYip

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  • Hurraay! The stuff came alreadyyy… 😍

    So, as much as I want to support artists here in the game. I commissioned LinYue to make a chibi art of my main character (I love how she interpreted it) and bought some of her merchandise with the art printed on it.

    -The shirt is “medium” in size and it is asian size. (I love it most especially the art at the back with the 2 felixes owo more felix more fun)

    -The eco bag has a print on both sides with the same design. (I love it)

    -it was securely packed as well so even if it needs to be shipped overseas it’s okay!

    Everything is lovely 🥰 All of the items are too pretty and precious to use haha might just keep them as a memento of the childhood game we all love.

    for more details, hit Lin a message in game or in discord ;)



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    Amazing Siggies by Setsuna <3

    Chibi Art by LinYue <3

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  • omg that is adorable!!

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  • Wow wow wow! Looks so cool and fun and fantastic! Way to support "local"! Love it!


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