Blacksmith Enhancing consume strenuous effort and time

  • The whole process are cool.

    However, the process from putting gears and xen into the slot

    Then waiting the anvil to finish its job would confiscate too much time.

    Imagine the horror of trying to enhance multiple gears..

    Then only to be glared by failure.

    I am suggesting that where, if it is possible the enhancing process could be streamlined so that it would allow for more efficiency to take place.

    It is to my believe that blacksmith already receives too much hatred and rage.

    It would be nice not to escalate the tension further.

    Thank you!

  • Agreed. Takes way too much time to drag all the needed materials when before we would just need to double click on the desired gear and the Xen Stone is already automatically chosen for us.

    What bugs me a lot is how I have to insert the gear first before the xen. It makes sense, and technically it is the current method in our server but automatic. However, I personally am never lucky to just xen once and warp out of there. I will have to keep on trying until I either run out of xens or get the desired enhance I want. That means I have to go back to the Gear tab from the Other tab I already was on to repeat the process.

    And repeat x47383627827

    It would be great to skip the extra clicks needed if we can just insert the materials in the slots if I’m already on the Other tab due to previous enhancement, similar to the Alchemist with enhancing or making wings/pearls/mounts/pets.

    Also, no clue what Gear Residue is but will it be possible to combine the failed pop-up with it or remove the enhancement failed popup altogether? It also another extra click the player has to go through so many times while enhancing.


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  • This is why I don't enhance gears. I mean I should, but I don't often. It's a lot of work and takes lots of luck.

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  • Rather than watching it fail, bring up telling me it failed, then show failed residue, i spam Esc and return to character then log back in to see the anvil just finish and repeat its about 10 seconds faster, but it makes the difference in the long enhance....

    "Though shouldnt have to do this"

    I agree its such a lengthly process should just be a retry button you can click and watch the blacksmith burn your xens away. :p

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  • would be great after a fail or success it asked "would you like to try again?", making it an extremely easy process to xen a gear multiple times in a row.

    Frankly would like this option applied for other enhancing processes, too, where we can click to try again but don't have to manually insert the same materials over and over again (versus having the game automate it if we choose to pursue the same kind of enhancement).

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