Option to use old UI?

  • Probably not even possible, but figured I'd suggest it anyways.. I would love to be able to use the old UI instead of the new one. I'm glad we're on a newer client with more capabilities, but this UI is just so ugly. I'd also like the font to be switched back to the old one which would help a lot I think. In general the bland menus/info box in the top left corner combined with the new text for the chat and character names make the game a lot less pleasing to look at. This was one of the main draws of the game imo, the cute aesthetic. The new UI and font subtract from that to me.

    Anyway, I'd kill for an option somewhere, anywhere to switch back to like a "legacy" UI and have the old look instead.

  • The new interface is somewhat good and bad. The icons are simple to look at, but some players are still confused by the Wt and Exp bar because they’re so similar. I always thought that was the exp bar but after looking at it for awhile, it’s the wt bar. Exp bar is on the bottom now just like some games such as Maplestory. I’m sure it would take some time to get used to.

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  • it might be possible to setup the ability to change the ui as I have seen it used in other games and application programs. In regard to problems I personally have with the ui, I would point towards the exp bar that is expanded across the bottom of the screen as I prefer to play in window mode due to also doing other things such as watching a show every now and then or working on my own personal projects. The progress bar of the exp bar is easy to monitor but the percentage value is not completely viewable. As for the font, even though I can no longer use the '\' key or shift '-' key I actually find the font much more easier to see over the font of the previous xen game as that was blurred. The only problem with that is the need for the transparent window to have the mouse icon on top of it before it can be read more clearly.

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