Help anewbie get started

  • Hi!
    Just started playing and created a Disciple, I'm lvl 21 by now.
    But I don't have enought money for potions, and have to keep sitting and waiting for mana to recover to keep grinding.
    Can someone help me grind, or have mp potions to spare?
    Char name: Mephysto

    Mephysto: Disciple LvL 5x :saint:

  • Butter is a great item to sell as well, currently going for as much as 350k each. You should go into your game options and click allow whispering, so others can message you. Welcome to the land of Xen!


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  • There’s potatoes as well. You could sell those too.

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    try farming on this map Waimea to mystral Hill ( mostly give alot stuff can fast kill)

    as disciple u should be able solo everything along the way. just keep fighting get new gear on each map.

    or find guild who would assist you pretty much alot kind people in game help you and guide where grind.

    mystral hill there some mob drop butter there worth 300k a pcs hope farm there it good until 35. then move on next map keep going every 3 lv.

    good luck ^^

  • Welcome to the land of Xen! If you need any help/a party don't hesitate to shout in the game (Use a yellow egg, you can buy them for 10k kron in the stores). I also highly recommend looking at the level-up guides for places to train and things to keep ahold of for future use. You can also look into joining guilds if you are semi-active/active.

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  • ¡Hola!
    Recién comencé a jugar y creé un Discípulo, ahora tengo lvl 21.
    Pero no tengo suficiente dinero para pociones, y tengo que seguir sentado y esperando que se recupere el maná para seguir moliendo.
    ¿Puede alguien ayudarme a moler o tener pociones mp de sobra?
    Nombre del personaje: Mephysto

    Hola, ya tienes posiciones de mp y hp? Puedo ayudarte y darte algunos si todavía tienes