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    05/26 Hotfiixes

    • Potential fix for Sand Desert Dungeon's crystal spawn
    • Fixed mount reroll bug with HP & MP (gave sometimes the wrong stat)
    • Fixed Divine Descent Lv 3 skill level
    • Adjusted Trial mob level
    • Changed Pet Rebirth to not give the same pet again
    • Fixed HP buff from Leprechaun adding twice on server when summoning 2 of Leprechaun pets
    • Fixed Gryphon HP
    • Slime Bean buff now gets reloaded after hotfixes

    This is not a server thing. The server is running since months without any crash nor any other problems.

    It seems to be a network issue outside the datacenter. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

    Do we get an option that we can merge 2 accounts into 1?
    And/Or a rename option? :o

    Yes, this will be possible, but I'm not sure if it will be available from the first day after the migration.

    Synex will the follow feature be added again? "so my healer can be even more lazy while i aoe" :P

    Maybe :P

    The option exists when you select a player. But it's priority is quite low.

    Here is a short video from the Xenepic client (mostly UI).

    I also go through some skills to show that they are still the same. Also that Pots have no CD :)
    There is still a lot to do, so there is not much to show :)

    I've updated the Roadmap with some more info about the migration progress.

    Tomorrow I will have some time to make a short video of the xenepic client.

    (Note: I'm not working full time on the migration yet)

    Some new stuff I have found on the Xenepic client:

    New discovered features:


    Hotel storage in Xenepic has 200 slots ;)

    This means you will get 200 x 3 storage slots!

    Greetings Xenians!

    The Easter Egg Hunt Event is over and we captured the Leaderboards at 1PM after it officially ended.

    A massive amount of eggs have been collected.

    204608 eggs have been turned in!

    The winners of the Golden Egg Leaderboard are:

    1. Tamago
    2. Helianthus
    3. Broomy
    4. Slustea
    5. Matcha
    6. MambaZ
    7. Vivienne
    8. Troubles
    9. Grapefruit
    10. kasu16

    The winners of the Total Leaderboard are:

    1. Broomy
    2. Slustea
    3. Lira
    4. Sceneric
    5. Skittles<3
    6. corsage
    7. Vivienne
    8. Grapefruit
    9. Troubles
    10. kasu16

    The winners will get their Fairy Wings in their Cart Window by tomorrow 1PM servertime.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Question: Will Gear repair and durability become a thing again? it's something many games have for economic balance. I don't remember it being too player-friendly for Reborn at the start. And not sure if it's an improvement for Rebirth.

    I don't remember this. I don't think they had that in Xenepic. I only can find a non used "Durability" text in the language file.

    Synex said it will be a way to improve our game we won't loose our way of playing he said we won't loose any items we will not loose anything, our Pets, Mounts, Gear, Kron, Levels and skills will all remain the same and will still get to Keep our AOE skills, I just hope the look of the game areas will remain the same I like the maps and towns, I hope they put a hotel in Albatross City to store items without having to leave those maps to unload items we want to store for later or put in our sell rooms,

    I do hope we get the option on sell rooms or auction's, because, I like the sell rooms it keeps players moving around to interact with each other, it would be good to be able to put more things in it, on the other hand the auctions you can play the game while selling but how do we trade items with it? you can sell items for kron, but if you want to trade kron and Xens or even pets for something how does that work?

    The auction house is only to sell for kron. It will also have a trading fee and maybe a limit of concurrent auctions. So people will still open player shops I guess. We are also working on increasing the amount of slots in the player shops.

    do stats follow the same formula though?

    don't get me wrong, but I would love new formulas on stats LOL

    We yet do not have any plans on changing them.

    When I warp I tend to experience this old bug

    Very vividly detailed screenshot if I do say so myself.

    Will this black screen crash bug possibly be fixed with the new client?

    We will see. I could never reproduce this black screen tho.

    Question: will the new client also come with better optimization? for example improving the lag player's experience during world bosses?

    I can't promise it to 100%, but xenepic revo has been way longer in development than Solstice.

    It also uses an other renderer. So, I hope it will be better.

    Ill be honest, as long as AoE stays in the game (specially mage risky aoe) im 100% in, but if aoe goes away, i will quit as well lol

    Since there is so much worry about AoE and items in the migration, I will work on some migration so I can make a video to show you, that skills and items will stay the same :)

    Added Xenepic migration to Roadmap :)

    04/10 Small Hotfix and patch

    • Fixed some spelling errors *
    • Added Master of Fate and Miracle Researcher to Minimap *
    • HG Suit and Hat can now be swapped *
    • Fixed SC version of Passionate & Confessional Chocolate
    • Removed Challenge items from drop table

    There may be another Hotfix today or within the next days

    * Patch needed; client restart required


    The Outspark way was: delete all gear, items and skills from everyone. "Have fun getting stuff for your level with nothing than your fists"

    I think it's already a big plus, that we do not do it this way hahaha

    I don't think we will give max slots to the gears.

    If there are 3 slots maximum for a piece of gear, we may add 2 to the existing ones.

    I'm sure it is also possible to add a way to increase the slot with some upgrade functionality too