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    how about changing arrest CD to 30 seconds and stone edge CD to 25 seconds? So, 10 seconds longer than the effect of each skill? That would be a buff to mages and very slight nerf to archers

    Seeing the poll results it looks like it could be a good fix. Time will tell if further changes are needed~

    It will be nice to see AMs slowly take more importance in PvP strategy. I still don't know about PVE, I guess these skills are indeed more useful when you can use them frequently as it is easy to kite a mob during the 10 seconds between effect-cooldown, but I personally will still prefer slow-based skills as crowd control.

    ...but I said that :O
    I'm the advocate for the Mage Class line!!! LF MAGE WARP!!!

    Jokes aside, and if it can be implemented, might it be more simple to just combine Arrest and UnArrest mechanic? The second time Arrest is used, that "UnArrests" target!
    I guess it would be complicated for the game to keep track of a 0 CD for UnArrest (second usage) and an overall CD for Arrest usage. Shrug

    LOL! you are RIGHT. IT WAS YOU who said that! XD i read the thread really fast and I am not sure why my brain assumed pooch posted that LMAO so sorry!!!!!! I corrected the original post XD


    I agree Stone Edge is very OP in PvP, especially when ALs team up. Increasing the CD on stone edge at least would give a slightly bigger window to whoever is attacking to actually do something more than slow run.

    Also arrest's cooldown is far too long, I wouldn't make it as stone edge is right now, but a bit shorter wouldn't hurt. Like pooch sparkie says, almost nobody uses un-arrest anyway so the difference between CDs is unjustified.

    It is true that most of these skills are not used a lot in PVE anymore as slows work just as well or even better.

    GM_Ganta NICE, we are SO in, then. I will trade you if i find you. Edit: Please, don't let tempest pay, you can check his account and pity him, let me do it. LOL

    I guess the option of giving it to a char in a different account is totally off the table? XD a woman can hope~

    50mil per char?! so that's 4+4 = 8, 8*50mil = 400m for all the chars?! I can't afford that!!! LF> new husband.

    I guess it's time to aoe again. I didn't know he was serious about it!!! omgggg. Maybe 1 extra one will be enough for me, but I'm sure Tempest needs more than 1 XD

    Now that you specify the "in the same account", does that mean we are open to linking other accounts with that ring???!! COUGH HIGHLY INTERESTED COUGH.

    wait wait wait, if he is serious I am in too >_>; 50mil for 1 copy or for copies for all your chars? X: per couple or individual? Details!

    Either way I am afraid I am in >_>;

    i will too. I've been thinking about it for a long time, its so inconvenient to have to swap it back and forth. My ehub even has multiple sets of the spa items and leprechaun shoes so he doesnt need to swap stuff xD i would pay for copies as well, idk if 50mil since i still transfer around my spa gear LOL

    Like Thalia says, try adding some power. Even if we are magic classes, our staffs and canes require a minimum amount of power to be equipped. You can check the pow you need in the weapon description.

    If you have used all your stat points already, you can restat going to mordine in essene (Acolyte's guild, all the way south, you have to talk to an NPC to enter). Let me know if you need kron for this C: I will be glad to give you some


    I liked it so much when Temp showed me last night, I hope he told you about it XD Such an amazing work skits. Thank you soso much.

    The funny thing is that I almost, almost, pmd you last week to commission you to do something similar LOL I just still hadn't made my mind up about the "what's" exactly. haha!

    Thank you again, it's so beautiful <3

    Hi everyone!!! We have spinned the wheel!!! Since some of you pm me in game and perhaps wanted to stay anonymous I gave numbers to the names (see the excell sheet behind :3) So the winner was number 2, which was Biky2!!!

    Congrats!!! Meet us in game any time :D Pm me to any of my chars (see signature)

    Best luck to the rest of you :3 if we roll another def mount we will do this again C:

    Thank you for participating, everyone, and thank you Tempest for giving your mount away <3


    GM_GummyBear You can now unpin this post :D sorry you didnt win, better luck next time XD

    There's also something to be said about the amount of people leveling outside of dungeons. That also has a direct correlation. Think about it from a time perspective. You have 1 hour and in that hour you can run 2-3 characters through dungeons or you can AOE. Most people would opt to run the dungeons for better experience and a greater opportunity to get useful items to resell/hold onto.

    I agree with this 100%. Xens come from grinding and most people with little time throughout the week hardly grind.

    Also I want to add, in my previous post I said don't buy overpriced xens, but I think most importantly I should've said dont sell overpriced xens XD

    I don't think weekly xen madness is needed (but every now and then? sure). It is nice that players who put more effort in the game have the reward of finding more xens, or make more kron to be able to afford more xens... and in the end to have better gear (believe me, I'm not one of them). What's the point of cracking up to grind if your gear will be exactly the same as those who get in a dungeon and hold F1 down? XD I am always in for rewarding effort. Not everyone is entitled to have everything easy. I see why it is a problem that people hoard xens but you can't go to the other extreme and make them 100% available just because.

    I have mixed feelings about this because I always try to help people out but if you are at tiger level, for example, and you don't have attack gear that you can farm FOR FREE at season dungeons, and you don't have decent gear at all, or even use your skills properly, or use proper pets... then so be it. You are free to not aim to have a powerful character, but people are also free to exclude you from their dungeons. the difference between running 3min tigers (average, not even quoting 2min parties) to taking 6min, multiplied by 4 runs, is abysmal. This is especially true for the players that do multiple dungeons a day. Imagine adding players who have 0 attack gear to altar and taking 12-14min per run, when you can take 7 with a decent party, with a party of players who actually care to play properly and to be efficent, and don't log on only to hold F1 down. Dungeons are cooperative, so if you aren't willing to give your best to the output of the whole party, other players are in the right to not include you.

    Edit: I would feel awful knowing that I am the cause of making everyone else run 2 min (x4) slower LOL this also applies to deaths and stuff like that. I would feel so bad if I died so many times my party didn't get the top prizes. I think in cooperative games everyone should strive to play at their best?

    In the case of xenians, I have myself added Mew's a couple of times at cow (I think, if i remember), but that was knowing I had very high levels (CC parties are like that) and after everyone in the party agreed to have a superxenian doing 1/10 of the damage any other player would (even a healer is a better addition than a xenian). So yeah, you choose to level a xenian and I think it is wonderful, I would probably be willing to add you if i struggle to find an 8th, but I get why people don't add them to parties. The only option is finding people to play with who dont care taking 7min/run at tigers.

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun as well, couldn't stop giggling and laughing while coming up with ideas, totally worth it. The second day was indeed faster paced since we wanted to end before the GM Trivia started. It was super enjoyable seeing everyone waiting at the transporter and running around <3 I hope those who got their hands on the UE mounts get good rolls, and those who got the badly rolled mounts/pets get whatever they were looking for with restat/rebirth C:

    I also want to mention a couple of the "badly rolled" mounts along with some adeline's gifts, some chocolates and a few newbie pearls were generous donations from Corsage, Isprikitik, ~Charlie~ and Heavenstar.

    Thank you everyone who got involved in a way or another =D See you next time!!! C;