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    Firstly--always good to hear more feedback and perspectives from other (and newer) players, as it emphasizes criticisms/feedback made in the past or offers a new perspective.

    It's fair enough to say that the game isn't friendly to newer, solo players, as progression beyond mid-game (second class and beyond) arguably slows down heavily and really requires a decent game population for partying (to make leveling less boring and more efficient) and for the market (for populate more gears into the market). Basically in general, I can't imagine a lot of folks motivated enough to solo all the way to 4th class (let alone 2nd and 3rd classes) on their own. As someone who observes yellow egg shouts and as a Discord admin, I've definitely observed the initial enthusiasm of incoming players (especially OG folks who just found out about this server) and how that enthuasiasm dwindles down as they struggle to progress through the game on their own (unless they connect with a guild or group of other players). Definitely sad to observe this, and kudos to the players who offer their time and resources to help out newer players when they can.

    And what has been keeping me around lately is primarily my guild and circle of friends that are still around (not only in-game and through my regular dungeon runs, but also outside of the game on Discord and elsewhere doing other activities). I'm sure without these interactions, I would have little purpose to continue playing the game. If anything, the game has been a side game that I log in 1 hour per day and won't be a main game until things change up.

    I'm cautiously optimistic about the Xenepic migration, which I figured is the reason for the lack of any changes these past few months. Based on what was pitched out in the following two places (and whatever Xenepic revo videos out there in the YouTube world):

    I think it's rather hopeful that the Xenepic version would offer more features and activities that new players (and even old ones) can participate in (e.g. gathering, harvesting, even questing). Of course, those features and activities would be short-lived if it's still not friendly to newer players. I imagine that fixing up the quests (and even the folklore--which I've mentioned a few times in the past) would be one way, out of many things, to support incoming players. Overall, it's really just a waiting game at this point to see where it goes once the new client rolls out.

    As for the issue of events catering to high level players, there's already two upcoming events that isn't barred by level:

    I feel the criticism made about some events and high level players is partially inaccurate. While the events aren't barred by level (basically accessible to all), higher level players (who basically have played the game for a long while) are likely to have more knowledge about the game and what gears/tactics to use, hence you'd see long-standing guilds and players participating and maybe even often winning these events. If a new player were to invest time in learning the game (which to be honest, I can't imagine a huge motivation to do so if doing it solo), they could eventually be on par with some long-standing folks. It's probably more accurate to say that the events aren't friendly to newer players who don't have the extensive experience to use as an advantage--which is what others have mentioned so far.

    One suggestion for the GM team for events is potentially along the lines of more social events catered to newer players. We have plenty of competitive events so far, which is great especially for the retained player base. Maybe trialing out some dedicated times where GMs could facilitate a meetup of new players with the purpose of bringing newer players together? If advertised well enough to make sure it's known around, it could potentially help with folks networking. This could work if there is a decent inflow of new players around (which sadly, I don't think it's that decent of an inflow). It's also a band-aid solution, but worth throwing this idea out.

    Anyways and lastly, kudos to the dev and GM team as always. Worth reminding that they're volunteering their time and energy to keep this server around and engage with the players (on top of their work and other real-life commitments). As someone who was in school and working, even volunteering for Lexicon stuff (+ managing a guild) can be quite a bit and requires some innate motivation to keep it up. That said, while I can be inpatient sometimes about how this server is progressing (and despite all the feedback I've given), I am understanding and patient with the pace of things being changed around (and have to appreciate the dev and GM team for what they have done). Of course, all this is not a good enough reason to tell newer players to keep on playing, but maybe at least a reason to stay in touch with the game and consider playing again as things change up over time.

    I love this so much, thank you!)))

    Would it be worthwhile to add the level required for bless? I am not sure if this would be a useful change or not, but it may be something to consider.

    Thank YOU! And great question because I thought about it for a bit as I was adding the level requirements.

    Right now, it only shows level requirements for Bless if you chose "Cleric" as your class line (this would make sense if you happen to want to gather as a Cleric class). I kept it "N/A" for every other class because I don't want to confuse players and make it seem that you can only receive Master Bless if you're like level 141.

    If anything, I could add a small reference sheet (maybe as a separate tab) for information like this in the near future. If there's any information that would be helpful to have as a reference sheet, feel free to let me know so I can compile these ideas up.

    Though I would recommend joining Chaos and Carnage as they have space, active members, and host some fun shenanigans! Get in contact with Celten

    Ty for looping me in! Chaos and Carnage (CnC) is in a similar boat as Dragon Fang in which nearly all of our members are high level and/or running around on alts in various guilds, so while we'd be welcoming to have you join, I rather not have you discouraged (and maybe even be overwhelmed) by all that. NONETHELESS, you're more than welcome to join our Discord server as a guest and be in touch with our shenanigans whenever they randomly happen. You DM'ed me on Discord before, so feel free to reach out there.

    Thanks Ive been reaching out daily to everyone but no one seems to be have any spot available in their guild or I get flat out ignored no matter how many times I shout on public. I feel like no one really wants to invite new players into their guild as it is something I have seen and experienced myself along with many other new players. I am just going to give up trying to join a guild and continue playing on my own. I may end up quitting this server at this rate but thanks for your reply that really means alot to me.

    As Magical and Soru mentioned, definitely don't give up.

    And I think you're right that most guilds wouldn't invite new players. Not because you're low level or a beginner, but because they don't know you. Guilds in this game have limited spots, and it's kind of understandable they wouldn't fill one of those spots with an unfamiliar face from a shout. The more people see you around (and have a good impression of you) the better your chance to find a guild will be.

    And echoing Soru's thoughts above. It helps when folks know you more, and probably one of the best ways to leave a good impression in-game is through dungeon parties right now. I wouldn't necessarily ask folks constantly in these parties for a guild spot, but if these parties are regular, it's a good opportunity to build your impression and eventually ask if they have a guild spot.

    Alternatively, you can ask them if their Discord server is open to guests (some guild servers have dedicated sections to guests and other sections to guild members only). Being part of the Discord server is a HUGE opportunity to make your impression and could help a lot in getting you invited to a guild. This helps when guilds have a closed recruitment policy and only invite members based on recommendations (CnC is kinda like that in terms of our recruitment policy).

    Lastly, over the coming few months (hoping by the end of this summer), I imagine that the server migration to Xenepic revo would happen and that could cause an influx of returning/new players to come back and hang around. If you stick around then, that time would be a perfect opportunity to find more new players and even a guild/group you can hang around with.

    oh I was thinking of the Plutan's wings not the robo ones :D sorry bout that

    You could just select the agi/int robos since they have the same def of 12. But to add to that: Butterfly wings are also not listed.

    Thank you both!! Added the Plutan/Jureah Wings (Defense) and Butterfly Wings (Blue, Pink) to the dropdown menu. I think the defense and level requirements should be accurate but of course, please point out otherwise. Ty again!

    this is great thank you.

    A suggestion the back selections do not include the wings, would be nice to pick them there instead of adding the misc def

    Thank you! Just double checked to make sure they are listed. They were listed but I refreshed the formula to make sure it works again.


    Let me know if you see them (you'll have to save a new copy of it if you had one already); otherwise let me know which wings are missing!

    A better case of showing favoritism is showing a bunch of screenshots involving GM actions for the same person/group of people over and over again such that it benefits their progression (e.g. Mayo Mayos constantly being spawned privately for people/groups, groups being sent to private areas for Town Invasion). Being death slapped, sent to jail, being warped to random places in the world of Xen, and even mauled by Giant Hawgs aren't even things that contribute to the benefit of the person/people's progression being targeted, other than the entertainment.

    Aside from lacking the context behind the screenshots you showed and I know you mentioned it's just a sample, but you're just proving that GMs are interacting with the player base. Unless you tell me otherwise, EVEN YOU, YOURSELF are in the screenshots benefiting from those interactions. You're not even excluded by getting candy from that Mayo or item drops from that wedding.

    As much as I don't love being mauled by Giant Hawgs once every several months, I actually do appreciate the GMs interacting with the community in various ways when they are active and around, even to the point that they play along with inside jokes among groups--but that's because these groups make these inside jokes so public via yellow eggs and such. They don't read through your guild/party chats to figure out how to troll you around or what boundaries you have (some people prefer to be left alone; others enjoy a good laugh from the GMs shenanigans).

    So then, what's really the problem here that you have? GMs don't interact with you a lot? Language barriers? Time zone differences? That's probably a better discussion to have than the baseless claim being made here.

    Yeah there have been a number of bug reports on this guild role glitch:

    GM Redire on the last thread above mentioned having the guild leader or another guild member who actually has working powers to re-create the roles. Whoever is the Guild Master (because looking at your screenshots, you don't have the crown of the Guild Master) has to log in, delete the roles, and re-make them.

    Overall, it's an annoying bug (especially if the Guild Master of the guild is not active).

    actually 6 :P
    anyways, I agree, there should be more to get as a reward for getting to lvl 200. For now, i've just been giving the lvl 200 players a unique head clothing item.

    By unique, you mean I could get a triple spinning horse helm helm!?

    Tell me if so, and I'll be 200 tomorrow.

    taking the rewords would defeat the purpose of having Dungeon's and the experience it a good thing, everyone should be able to level at their own pace

    I meant that after doing the 4 dungeon limits, you can still run but without rewards and experience (or at most, little rewards). Your 4 daily dungeons would still give you the exp and rewards as usual; anything beyond that is meant for helping fill parties and such.

    Allowing for more dungeons (more dungeons with rewards and experience) is likely going to make players more dependent on dungeons for progressing and it's just going to make the game less fun and more mindless. If you want to progress at your own pace, it shouldn't be with the dungeons in my opinion; I rather see it as you can log on, grind in some maps for an hour or two, join a dungeon party if you are able, and feel that you're still progressing somewhere. After all, the core of the game (and how original SoS was) didn't even center around dungeons until they were introduced. I imagine many players would prefer much of their progression to be from grinding (and be encouraged to do so) and less focused on dungeons.

    There has been an existing thread talking about this subject: can't we please change Timers for Dungeons

    In my opinion, I think one of the best approaches to the issue being discussed is allowing players to participate in dungeons beyond the 4 limit BUT with no exp and no rewards (arguably maybe at most Minion Tokens to have some sort of reward/very small incentive to help). The main purpose would be helping out friends to complete their runs (e.g. for like cc runs).

    Otherwise, like others have mentioned, we used to have 6 runs (terrible--I'm glad it nerfed to 4) and timers didn't even reset at reset time (timers would reset AFTER 24 hours--this placed too much pressure on building regular parties and makes forming parties even more harder).

    Honestly, I look up to Matcha as the premier example of Mage kind and hoping he hits level 200 archmage asap!

    So will there be a hand out of horse helms this month?

    Aww, thank you! Now you gave me some motivation to get back to leveling soon again LOL

    And YAS, as Mr. POTM, I demand Horse Helms to be showered upon the world of Xen so that no player is left behind with a Horse Helm. That shall be my Mr. POTM campaign.

    HAHAHAHA, just as people were making speculations, I got the notice. Couldn't help but giggle for the past few days.


    Amusing how simliar/different my responses compared to OG:

    ^ Can't believe that's still my favorite event LOL.

    ^ Damn, still prefer to party for same reasons.

    Too much cringe still, though as expected of a pre-teen me. I'm sure I mostly redeemed myself

    Roadmap has been updated again today for those who haven't been following it:

    In general, very exciting to observe the progress over time, and I was wondering once much of the progress is completed, would there be an opportunity for the dev/GM team to stream and tour it before officially migrating over? It would not only serve as a bit of a marketing for the community, but also an opportunity to express immediate feedback on the features.

    It seems that most of the work is on the reverse engineering and implementing what Xenepic revo had, but--and I know this was asked earlier in thread--I'm wondering after all that, if there's an opportunity to then work on some of the most vocalized suggestions that players have made here? Or is that something to be worked after the migration then?

    With the evolution of this game into Xenepic revo, it seems to be a prime opportunity to rework some areas. In my opinion, the biggest areas would be:

    • Alleviating a lot of the RNG features and shift towards more earned ways (on features tied to progression) e.g. there have been threads about ridding the Alchemist and some how things, like Robo Wings enhancement, can be less RNG involved
    • Questing - to especially attract and retain newer players, questing in early game can help in adding more depth into the game beyond just grinding
    • Shifting the dependency on dungeons to more on grinding--finding that sweet balance of supporting both solo players and party players; I'm sure this would have to tie in with class balancing, too

    Overall, based on the roadmap, it seems the hype would be on the new UI and probably gathering/harvesting. The community has been expressing some feedback on the core components of the current game, so I'm hoping there's that opportunity to revisit the core of the game otherwise the hype would be short-lasting.

    Thanks Ganta, as always, for the video. Helps to figure out what they were squealing/screaming about when I was listening in the voice chats.

    Great fights to the two duos!!!