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    name the event all have events have been way too hard for the lower level players, the GM events they are only allowed to give items that has an expiration date, or you have to spend your items and kron to perm its a kron pit trying to perm wanted and needed items, you must be a high level player which the game caters too at the moment when i see a level 143 that need a healer it's to dam hard!, I played " the secret of the solstice " thank you vary much, we did get perm items ands costumes during events, everything that we were given were perms, and they could be purchased during some events, which i'm happy to see that Synex is doing what he can but some things are asking too many items if you don't see people has quit there's something wrong with your Eyesite, we are ask what we think will make the game better we give opinions and you want to make a scenario out of it? really??? stop playing row boss and look at what's happening, we have lost most of our players because they can't play things that are going to help them play, almost everyone has stopped doing pet quests because, we get have a glut of mp Mounts and pets that no one wants or can use or sell, i'm saying along with 99% of the players it needs to be it needs to be fixed and were all waiting for the re-roll of the game hoping it will be so much more player friendly

    First of all, you do not have the right to talk about numbers or percentages because you are not behind the server looking at statistics...

    Second, You won't come here to tell me that being a new player is hard to play and level because we were new players too, I spent almost 2 month of full kron farming to buy the stuff I needed for me and a friend that I wanted to invite and not as knight, as archer tanking mobs and aoe in Lost Brynhill, archer that abandoned to do Lizard because i lost too much time waiting. I've deleted tons of chars and started new accounts to not fall in the negativity from the players, only farming and leveling with what I get from mobs. I dont need useless customes just because looks cute, that is for bigWhales (spenders) and High LVL players that have resources to waste and burn. Just Red/Blue LBs are needed to start for a cloak and a cat bell to grind, farm and start to save krons for later. No one is forcing you to perm an item, you have the refresh system that costs 500k + 1 Metruon that you can get from aoeing or dungeon or cheap to buy from players. If you dont have the resources and you are new... dude, what the heck are you doing? do you know what the priorities are? In Old Solstice no one gave a perm item from an event everything had expiration, we had no Refresh system, just open more LB and renew ur expired items.

    Event customes... What do you want??? You want to receive a dammm broken suit that gives you an insane advantage at lvl 16 and Permanent as chameleon, rex, kunoichi/ninja suit? you want nothing...

    A Lvl 143 needing healer? for what maps? even Myself being archer 141 not asking for a healer to do Kite AoE in shenzhen maps, being WL LVL150 not asking for a healer to do aoe in maps where I see my SG friends soloing being lower level, even being a mage 116 with AGI build doing aoe in sleepless farming with no healer. This is simpler than you think, dont aoe there, you cant aoe there. Dont wait sitting on the chair and shout for a healer, stand up and walk back few maps where you dont need healer and aoe there till you get resources to upgrade ur equip, buy def stuff or even buy a personal healer for your exclusive personal use.

    Please be more consistent with what you ask.

    What the... you talking about? let's try to decrypt this

    ... when we said the events were too hard for everyone they have ignored us totally the vary next event comes with the same thing too hard and no changes for us players so how is that considered fun??

    What events? xmas, valentine, patrick, easter, GM events? Only xmas event was kinda hard because of the excesive mobs in the first map and players that mobdropped them in SZ and hunting exclusively Santa X mobs. The rest of events were kinda easy to participate and get the stuff we needed to get the rewards.


    its not fun when the high level players needs healers that's totally unacceptable for how events should be when lower level players needs to be able to participate in our events what are they thinking? why are they making them so hard?

    From the creators of #DeleteSaintGuardianClass, comes #DeleteHealerClass... Not again, please!!! Will be useless to say you guys "Stop complaining and let them do their job" because seems like that is the reason of most of you to live. The balance system is one of the hardest part of a game, you will never find a right balance to keep every player satisfied with what they have just because you will have complainers every time, telling you as an AGI WL (because damn flinch mechanic and dodge meta) that envy SG's HackSkill AutoGenesis.


    and the rewords all comes with an expiration date why? we use to get perm items that made it special to join in and play to get those items, with this one we got a few they were cow heads? really? what happened to getting a perm costume?

    Good for kron sink and thanks for it Synex... In old SotS you were unable to perm customes.

    And I left this for the final.


    we are the ones who plays the game and know what we like and don't think is good or fun...

    it's not fun and that is the purpose of playing a game is to have fun at every level or people quit please rethink what's going on and make some changes that we suggest when people quit its because they are not having fun

    Don't think that only because you play and not having fun, you know what is best and not for the game, and this is for all of us, including me, we can only have guesses. I want to think that our guesses of what would be best for the server are being analyzed and if they are implemented, we only have to pray and beg for a "success, we made a right choose" and not a "fuck... we messed up". There are many variables to determine what makes good, sustainable, funny to play at and longlive a game. I can tell that most of my friends left the game because it is quite easy to lvl, turned into a dungeon game, some of them reached what they wanted to achieve and few are about to leave because there is no more new content for its lvl that motivates them to continue playing.

    Just take other games as refereences but not comparing THIS OLD GAME THAT WASN'T DEVELOPED By Synex but had the balls, capabilities, free time and desire to bring it back for us.

    And think that finding a way to change something in the game without messing it up in the attempt is not an easy thing (if the game developers did not do it quickly at the time, even when that was their job and they had a whole team, much less Synex, who has a little teamwork.

    Whelp...I would like to say this fixed everything...but It didn't D:

    For some odd reason. I can only summon 1 pet at a time. I have access to all my pets now but now I can only use 1 pet buff.

    Definitely, not your week, please keep at home, don't run and chew carefully your food:(. We want you alive at the end of the week/month;)

    I never knew there was a cooldown. Maybe there should be an indicator of something to show a cooldown. Maybe that's why you had that problem?

    I guess that this indicator is bugged, with my WL didnt appear but when I did with my archer appeared with 25 hours and few minutes, I just had to wait till the CD finished to take the second quest. I´ll confirm with my Mage.

    yes i think you needed to be 130 or 131 to do the corridor transpo quest... cause i had the same thing with my alt.. did the xiamen at 125 but cant do corridor even if it says 125 ..

    tried again after i cc to 131.. no problem occured

    There's a CD of 24-25 hours that is not showed on the screen that you must wait after the first TP quest.

    Thank you all for the compliments. I'm open to doing more videos and open to new ideas.

    AND if you'd like to be featured in future projects let me know if you would want to help out and volunteer! :D

    I would like to see your performance with people in the bar. I really loved that part :D Great job <3:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I was having this issue with my Warrior. I think that the bug arises from using a def-increasing buff (such as Bulwark or Protection) while wearing +10 POW Robo Wings (not the upgraded colored ones) after grabbing the defense spa.

    I don´t think so. I had 2+363 for bangle only geared. 2 Things in common:

    • Def mount (i guess)
    • Pow RoboWings (upgraded or not).

    The same bug happened in Amorica (2+377). In this time I had Spa+ def pearls to reach the def, pulled half map and for a strange reason... mobs started to do more damage than the usual, casted bulwark once and problem solved for the whole time I stayed.
    What does each case have in common? Because this problem is being quite annoying.


    At first, I was unsure why I couldn't bank them, then after some thought, I realize that placing them in Jot was a clever way of level gating their use, and I fully understand the reasoning for this.

    More people like you, please ;(.

    I feel the same way. Thanks :love:

    we have a need to get this fixed so people can do their class changes, where do we find blue and yellow demon bloods?

    If you read what the Acolyte Reinmont (Arcarinas) or Reilant (Essene) tells you, you will know where to grind for the bloods. You must find out which mob drop them, that's the quest;). There's no fix for a user problem:(.

    And so far I'm assuming every class follows the AGI/MEN values as the Archer class, which I'm sure is likely inaccurate?

    I can confirm that "apparently" the AGI / MEN scaling is the same for all classes for Dodge / crit / Skill C./Hitrate. I say "apparently" because some caps are higher/lower or limited to a certain quantity than what is shown in the Stat's window (Dodge's case that you can have more than 100 but it's capped to 100 and Crit case that stops at 32 but cap is 255), Caps mentioned Here (Clarity on Stat Limits) by GM_Ganta

    And to be useful they must improve their mechanics like everyone else. We have to respect the efforts of the other players. Take a seat in conformity. I will work against that. Sooner or later people get bored of a server without activity, it is already happening and I am glad to see it but now it is time to sow something good to get something better. 6-7/8 dungeons are not that bad :)

    I don't like to be selfish but I also have to be sometimes to give myself time to achieve my goals. And rewarding the lazy ... is not one of them. I understand... does something important come up during the dungeon? Acceptable, leave auto and go, we wait for you. Will take you more time than you expected? no problem, back in 3-5 mins, enter and leave auto (specific cases)...But hey, you are free, you hardly spend 20 pots in the 4 runs, and the rest spend 300-800 and it is always the same? :|

    I'd rather lose the daily dungeons and sadly tokens are not exclusive to dungeons anymore and ain't essentially necessary. Thanks World Bosses. 😂

    This is not my thread but iI will answer anyway... I like to lead parties since I started the Lizard for simple reasons:

    • Meet good players
    • Have a good time with friends
    • Control who and who is not useful to us ...

    Yup, I have a black list of those who only enter leech (just autoattacking and not even have a good attack speed)...

    People get lazier but this does not apply to everyone and I prefer to leave a party when I meet those people than to waste my time, resources and have a bad time saying how they can improve their runs. That's why I ALWAYS ask if they are new in game, if they are then I proceed to give them some advice after finishing and I invite them to future parties to practice.

    The big problem that I detect is impatience. You want everything at the moment, I tell you why... Few days ago I created a party being only 2/8, shouting that we were 6/8 - 7/8, First shout and I already had 3 people in whisper, fourth shout and there was only 1 member missing . The next day I spent 20 yeggs and we hardly got 4 people together and I had to disband the party 5/8 and 40 minutes lost.

    If you have any experience, would be nice to read.

    I had this problem few moths ago and I decided to reinstall the game (updated), problem solved. If you are unlucky and didn't work and you are in W10 you have Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch that ain't the best tools but works perfect :) or you can try Snagit!

    Please make this available for everyone especially Super Xenians! We are not cheating in this game. There are players who choose not to change classes. I think Xenians are considered classes too :)! Everyone should play how they want! We Xenians should be able to equip wings as well. Hope this is implemented soon!

    I support this, just taking as example "freelancers" from FFseries, they can wear almost every kind of equip except exclusive or legendary items... probably wear them with any gear from 16 to 62, their skills depends on what armor you have equipped ("probably") and if this happens just nerf their damage drastically.

    Edit: the perfect reference is the High Xenian from Ragnarok.

    Probably that kind of "advanced" items cannot be equiped by the ones without a class. Don´t try to cheat in the game >:( choose a class and FLY!!!! xD

    Edit: Only SC items can be equiped by Anyone but here is the new question... Can xenians wear upgraded Robo wings at lv 100? :O


    Balancing game items and the difficulty to obtain them can indeed be done with " Luck " and even made enjoyable. As long as it feels fair. Because once it doesn't feel fair? Player frustration will outweigh Player gratification of achieving them. When player frustration reaches a boiling point, it becomes hard for the players to be empathetic towards the reasoning it has been done so. Be it longevity, be it balance purposes, be it to try and create diversity in item builds etc.

    I've finally got my first Robo Wings.... to make them +1 and get INT (when im not using a mage) just decided to enhance them to at least +3 or +4 to enjoy the mov speed when I AoE... DUDE, ARE YOU Fking kidding me? I've enhanced some regular Wings to +5, made some regular wings (looking for Atk/def/HP ones), 4-5 tries to make my robo wings (Fine, i buy it, damm real low %) but more than 20 attempts and not get even my wings+2. Ask me when i will try to enhance/get more wings... When i lvl my chars to lv 250 (was about to say 300 but 250 is fine), have stored 1k of each material, millions of krons to waste (like ZoO with slaps) and thinking if I really need the wings and have in mind that I will hardly get +5 robowings.

    To deal with this problem I've timed all my AoE skills (Aided by the sound of the skill). This makes you suppress the few milliseconds between casts.

    Edit: This is the combo I use on Warrior
    Reflection -> Fire Swing -> 2x Wild Swing -> Fire Swing -> 2 Wild Swing and Repeat.