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    Maybe I did, but within a week I had quit. I absolutely HATED the gameplay of Reborn. Pl

    hole point people complying higher levels not how people gain their levels lol when they to high cause rush it never me compiling 4th warlord in the game fairly earn that just like did in revolution xen so their or here me to say this game need change and is some people who can level in this game fast I don't need challenge I like the game how it's why not full wipe for those who want challenged it beta I was 4th warlord in this game repsctfullely I grind 141 in revolution if your talking about my healer yea healers fairly gain their levels i was in og 66 to to be far so their you go that only player i have that 2nd class other then that yea their you go have a nice day also same healer i had 66 in beta

    house dint do anything for the game nore or did any of the crafting most of these outfits dont do anything for the game either i did grind my way truly grind my way under this would make since to imposed stuff now that you guy way higher up to make others life heck na its not keep the game how it truly is cause guess what i did under those terms and to be far a good percent have not i grind 141 actly and now you new people who are imposing this when we already had all stuff yea hh dint work out well did it i will say gems did but that beside the point 160 plus player keep how stuff is injoy the game it is what is or replace this game out wip are players and start fresh at zero and let the fun being i am higher level too i dont want to make this game heck people who have their items alredy or the lower levels just cause some of you may got pvl rushed levels need challage i say wip fresh or do one more sever for the game that meeting half way i dint rush my levels to start complying i need challage to me its lame to do

    so let me guss you really wanna push this hole hh thing agin not going to happen i hope if so i am out and i am sure i am going to get bad comments out of this but if def stays same and its off def them i am in i mean i did fairly well out of that but if this game was based around def at end day let it stay we all earn are items and stuff and to the people voted i am sure they hardly had stuff or the levels to be voting the way they did i did well under jap game grind 141 but not up for doing any more of that with the time i got and people need to be ware it takes time for grinding time they may not have trust me on these notes

    many of you may not remember me, PainKiller 100Priest, KillSHot114Ranger, rCHRD!140 Shadow.. but i have been playing mmorpgs since Ragnarok. PLvling always happens deal with it. The maps from templar to Eagle should be opened to lvl 80+ players, we have all ran thru them to get to prem/Oda and we can see how dead they are and for a few so called Elite players to not want to see people getting plved in those maps but would rather see the maps empty and dead is sad. not everyone is rushing to lvl like some may think. i would love to heal an aoer with my new Cleric in the spooky maps! but sadly im not lvl 90 on him yet.. there are many classes that would love to go there and aoe or assist aoe and heal tanks, but by the time they hit 90 why would they, when they can just camp in Oda all day long!!! no one is using the other fun maps. thats a shame.. i personally left my most recent MMORPG to come back here because i love this game, but seeing empty lifeless maps is heartbreaking in such a fun game. i Hope the Developers and Gms consider Open Templar to Eagle for lvl 80+ i would love to see those maps alive again...

    funny you say how people are pvl and being for maps to be open you know that are gate guard for a reason bra at lest i can prove you dead wrong on your comments this game is not like outsparks once was we all earn levels here i was 4th warlord in beta all on my little own that was jap game happy grind my way to 141 with no healer just skill