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    This issue affects the installation of the client and supporting binaries. Regardless of how I install the client. (install from the bin, install from the zip files, tried both mega upload and google drive). There seems to be an issue extracting saying the source file is corrupted for GPBMP series of files. (when extracting, I get a CRC check error) The last thing I will try is changing my download directory to a different drive to see if there are just read issues on my end. Will update this post if I end up resolving the issue myself.


    With the launch of Xen Rebirth, many are curious about the different interactions that are made in the world of xen. I believe a public facing API would allow the developers in our community to consume and build helpful guides, suggestions, and analytical graphs as well as build aggregational views into player choices and habits.

    We could discover actionable data such as

    - What time of day / week / month are players most active

    - How often are people logging in and logging out

    - Average session time per player

    - Highest average level

    - etc...

    I understanding building an API is a challenge and come with some considerations such as API limits and security.

    Wondering if something like this could be done. Willing to pitch in as well. :)