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    Hmm, i have couple random skill ideas for ArcherLord since that is my class.

    Daze- 3 second stun where target loses control of their char(random walking) can have similar CD as Snake Shot.(not sure if possible but would be funny seeing tiger running around randomly lol)

    Shotgun Burst- 3 sec aoe stun skill. can be similar to arrow rampage, but will have the same CD as Sandstorm(would be nice for kite aoeing. this could help make it more fluid while assist aoeing or kite aoeing)

    Armor Pierce- Give a 5-10sec %def debuff on target. this would be nice for dungeons allowing higher dps for the party. Also would be helpful in solo killing monsters with high def. CD could be similar to blunt arrow.

    Scoped- This would be a buff to increase atk range. could be a small increase of range, and have similar CD to Overtick.

    Targeted- Gives you a high hit rate buff for 10-20sec(i know we got tailwind but them Sm's have hax dodge in arena lol)