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    I know some features in the game aren’t new player low level friendly, but I was thinking of having people join guilds and having guilds do guild events such as trivia and Kart racing. I remember when kaicean did a recording of her alts guild doing a parody of Mario Kart using the Toy kart Mounts with her guild. Also recently a guild called Eternal has been doing a trivia guild event to answer some questions about the game. Sure, some new players won’t know the answers or know how to move around the game. That’s why we have players who can help these people out and enjoy the game. See it wouldn’t matter if it’s a grinding party or a guild event, there’s always room for fun and creativity. If you decide to be guild less, there’s always fun for you as well. There’s hide and seek. I am sure any players can come up with a random event anytime instantly if GMs are busy. There should be inclusion for everyone.

    Drop rates seem fine to me. That's RNG for you...and luck isn't the best, but I'm okay with that. :)

    It's great you have a positive attitude towards the drop rate. It's just going to take some time for some folks to get what they need for materials.

    Yea. The mobs seem to be on the higher end. Maybe lowering the dmg (HP) on the mobs or adding new things for low levels (dungeons, bosses).

    The game is suppose to be not too easy or not too hard. I played Maplestory and Ragnarok and their mobs are at a decent level that is not too high too low. Xen Rebirth is suppose to be a fun game for all players. I really don't see much catering towards high levels. As Ganta said there's events for everyone. In fact, if you have a event you'd like to suggest, please DM him. He will be able to work something out between you all. Out of the games I've played, Maplestory and Xen Rebirth are one of the easiest games to play with the easy controls. Ragnarok, I started playing again recently and it's hard to figure out the controls. The controls are so easy that anyone can play. I know this is a grindy game, but it's a fun way to level. I think maybe if more people join someday, the more parties are out there and the more fun the game will be. Just keep playing for now. It's the best advice I can give now. I understand many can be busy at times, but they will come back once the players have time. I also play Soul Worker and Genshin Impact and those controls are pretty hard to use and I would have to a PS4 controller or Xbox controller. Xen Rebirth, you are able to use arrow keys to move or mouse to move and a keyboard to control the game. There's people who play with others too and make new friends. For me, when I started out in Closed Beta in Nov 2019, none of my OG Secret of the Solstice friends came back to play due to their timing and personal schedules, but I stuck through the game and eventually made a lot of new friends and met some returning players and got to know them a little better. Keep playing and I am sure that things will be better in the future.

    For the newbies, I am here to help you if there's anything you need. GMs and Synex as well. They are awesome people and worked really hard to get this game running. If there's other examples of catering to high levels please do list them down or DM any GMs they will figure something out to negotiate. My characters are there on the bottom too if you'd like to party up. I know there's people who are willing to help you low level players level if you'd just be patient with us please. That's all I have to say. From my experience from OG and XB, the events have been nothing but awesomeness and fun.

    For now just play the game as it's still up and running. We can do our best to keep promoting even though there's risks it might shut down in the future. Just think positive and more people will keep and start playing.

    Do any of the companies that own the rights to the game even still exist? I can barely even find references that they ever even existed. Considering the company is defunct and this game is a non-profit, I just can't imagine anyone trying to shut the game down. Also the fact the game was free to play, so distributing the game files isn't piracy, and thus Synex can't be sued for lost revenue or whatever. Theoretically the game could be shut down if a copyright holder came forward, but due to the companies being inactive and the game making no profits, there is just no motivation for someone to try to shut things down.

    So i'm in the "lets advertise the game more" camp.

    Some of us players who love the game have been promoting through social media like Facebook/Twitter and fan art stuff like Skittles <3. Anyone is able to promote this game if you want. Sometimes the game numbers go up and sometimes down. I agree with poochyena keep promoting. I still think it's a really fun game to play still. <3 Don't give up.

    That's true too. For Rogue Runners... For other classes, we gotta have a lot of speed power. I am sure we can all figure something out to reach the goal line.

    The funny part is...despite the movement speed almost at cap, starting from a closer map, use of extracts, almost perfect execution AND not getting flinched or even hit by a mob, Roku still barely made it with a second left.

    This quest is flat out not possible by normal means and should be tweaked xD

    Then again it's a one time quest and I doubt anyone minds shrug

    That's why you use the track to Gelfie to Xiamen option. Maybe that would help?

    I make use of the partner warp on this quest :D

    That's actually a good idea. Classes such as mages don't run as fast as rogues, squires, archers. I think that would be an easier route and to also use the tracking system too. :D