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    Ok so, the way to see this is by having a pet.

    If you are very slow and have a pet clicking the ground ahead of you will show how the pet "follows" a nonexistent you that moves faster than the you in the client.

    With a large enough client window, you can repeatedly click as far as you can and this will result on your pet being far off in the screen while your character makes small "position jumps" to stay in range with the click.

    This makes me think that for the server the position at which the pet is found is where your char is for npc interacting and monster fighting (monsters chase your pet, not your client character position.

    finally, "sending the pet" far off will make it so players and npcs on the other far end of the screen to "disappear" as if they were not in range kinda proving the idea above. i have a pic and a video but will upload the video later.

    In the pic, the deer pet is heading where i clicked to walk


    As the title says, the messages sent/received through mail gets deleted after evey maintenance (i would even think maybe on server reset?).

    These messages are meant to stay long term. Specially if you were waiting for mailed offers and maintenance kicks in while you are afk... BOOM! any offers received gone with the wind~~

    sadly i forgot to take a pic of my mailbox before maintenance...

    extract will send you a few spaces to where the back of your char is facing. can be useful to "teleport" through cliffs/edges but even when making sure your char faces the right way it is still a bit of a gamble.

    Also on the combo, tbh cruel blow is needed ONLY if you are going against monsters that hit you HARD. the attack speed reduction while still there is kind of a let down on maps you can kill fast.

    So i leave a video with the issue.

    hitting the poyo in eir after blindside will make it attack and chase the attacker.

    also for some reason i could not use self buffs (enhance, rapid step, invisibility) on the map until i relogged. this is the 2nd time this happens to me.

    Other players could use skills normally.

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    Was having fun farming the fun drops when suddenly the client FROZE, the BGM played on the background but it stopped responding at all. changing the size of the client made it obvious that it froze as black parts appeared on the area where there was no game before. attached is a pic.

    Also for some reason atm the launcher takes like 3 mins to show the server is available and another to actually launch my client. idk why this happens but it is the 2nd time i get this issue

    game crash.jpg

    After some time pondering over it i decided this could be a nice and NEEDED addition. i find this to be specially important so players can at least get the defensive SC items they need for their everyday grinding.

    having hit over lvl 45 without ever getting lucky to pull a defensive bell (and having to wait until lvl 43 for a cape) is kinda harsh specially since the game monsters hit hard on the understanding that players will be wearing these items.

    Having the option to spend good amounts of kron to get short timed version of your items so you can hold the fort until the lucky balls rng gods grace you with the piece you need seems like it will be a NEED in the future. specially when AOEing becomes big and most maps are taking (meaning you don't have many places to grind thus severing the lucky balls income). this would also help support the more casual players.

    Sometimes when you move from selling items to buying or when trying to finish a purchase the shop window will close without actually sealing the deal which forces me to talk to the NPC again and repeat either the purchase or selling actions.

    It shows everyone in my buddy list offline.

    After testing, i noticed that adding ppl will display them correctly but if you relog they will show as offline FOREVER