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    1. What is considered Bullying or Harassment?

    2. Is it punishable?

    3. What will be the punishment?

    4. If not punishable, what will be the action towards this


    Bananers. I am sorry to hear that this issue happens to the player you know.

    I would love to give my opinion in regards of this issue but,

    First of all, for those of you who find long text is a bit too long to read… Good news! You can find the summary of the kindaa…… shorter version at the end of my post. It may save you time to read the whole texts.

    Now, Shall we?

    It is important to be note that I am differentiating Offensive statement and bullying because since we’re in the international community and various point of view and perspective exists at the same time. We may not realise that we offend somebody by the value we hold. This would be the freedom of expression and I believe that mutual respect is the best action to amicably proceed with that kind of issue. However it’s the whole different thing from defining bullying and such.

    1. Understanding the nature of Cyberbullying and/or Harassment in this thread context I would split this two into two types of terms, the first one is Defamation which may includes libel or slander. Second would be the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

    Regardless of the aforementioned terms. It could be qualified as such if the requirements are fulfilled.

    • There is intention of the actor/s must be present (Mens Rea)
    • The action of the actor/s must be present (Mens Actus)
    • There must be in/tangible damage occurred to the recipient of the case.

    If 3 of the requirements are fulfilled it is safe to say that the actor is indeed performing defamation (Cyberbullying and/or Harassment) towards the target. However, experiencing Xen Rebirth for months I could assume that the damages may be inflicted towards the recipient such as (including but not limited to), Shaming, isolation, discriminatory attitude, refusal to be invited into Party or even refusal to Buy/Sell/Trade things in game.

    2. Whether it is punishable or non-punishable first the team of adjudicator must decide whether they are guilty or not-guilty based on the ground of non-intentional action.

    3. Nonetheless, I do propose few guide to ‘punish’ this kind of behaviour to prevent it from arising in the future.

    My understanding is that the nature of punishment is classified into four different nature;

    • Incapacitation, which mainly focuses on eliminating the presence of the convicted outside of the community (e.g: jail, ban, etc…);
    • Deterrence, which intentions is to persuade the convicted to follow the community rules (e.g, Gas, GM YEgging to remind the community, etc…);
    • Retribution, which heavily focuses of removing the sense of comfort towards the convicted believing that the convicted will not repeat the same action (e.g, fines, rerolling Def%mount of the convicted into MP, etc…)
    • Restoration and Rehabilitation, in several countries these two words will be classified into whole different terms but for the sake of efficiency I would prefer to integrate it into one since it would serve the function of this game really well. Both Restoration and Rehabilitation focuses on remedy in sense that either the authority (in this case Synex / GM) OR the convicted, must to their best ability restore the damage occurred by the victim and rehabilitate including but not limited to (reputation, motivation, goodwill) (e.g, public apology, letter of regret, etc…)

    I believe it is up to the team of adjudicator to use either one or the combination of the nature punishment mentioned.

    4. As the introduction, I mentioned ASB. There are few definition and it may vary from each country but for the sake of this post. Let’s just say the one who disturb the peace.

    What I think when the adjudicator decided that the defendant is not guilty then that defendant may be placed into the ‘watch list’ to be later on judged by the mercy of the highest authority if the actions keep persisting.

    Concluding my opinion, we may find something offensive in the game which to our understanding it is not acceptable and one-click away from reporting. However, we must first understand that we’re in the international community with multiple opinion exist at the same time. Bullying / Slander (Defamation) however is a serious issue if the action is intentionally made to harm the victim. In the process or even at the end damage will occur to our poor victim.

    I do think that it is up to Synex/GMs to do proceed with this. Whether they want to do it discreetly or even publicly. But as far as I could try to understand if they try to impose punishment towards the convicted then I’ve proposed the nature of punishment to inspire what sort of action they must make in order to set Xen Rebirth community into a better place. In event where the decision has been made regardless whether they are guilty / not guilty then I believe the adjudication team must keep a watch list for those who tries to disturb the peace in this community.

    Bananers, I hope my opinion help the player/s who’s undergoing this morbid and horrendous experience.

    Thank you for reading folks.

    Enjoy your day and

    BE NICE :D !