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    This month's player of this month is Sluster for his strong dedication to the game.

    Should also be known that Sluster is literally everyone's price checker since he is very dedicated to the market. ^^

    Congrats, Slust!! My favorite memory of you will always be our first interaction when you joined Itadakimasu and I saw your dead body out in Harquil (or Waving?) Plains. (First words: Are..... u ok)

    And now my favorite memory is when we were both grinding pre-lvl 200 in Despair and you ran outta arrows like 3-4 times smh.

    Now be the first to have a lvl 200 character per class pls (after you play SG). :saint:

    Dawwww, super kawaii! :3

    Thank you!! ^^

    Thank YOU for allowing me to commission you! I love it so much! And what an absolute joy to have a tribute to the game that brought Itsu (Peaen) and I together and a memorial of the first pet we adopted together. Poyo is very much missed, every single day, but your art piece truly brings me happiness remembering him.

    Thank you, Skittles<3! Love you!

    Was my pleasure! I hope I did Poyo some justice. ;( <3 <3

    Aww the picture is adorable :) Poyo is a really cute name for your cat. Great drawing Skittles <3

    Thanks!! :saint:

    Love it! :) <3

    Thank you!! :*

    me waiting

    Wow, May 22nd, where did my motivation go these last few months

    I had samples made for designs I had, but was very unhappy with how they turned out. These are more tough to get it in one go compared to starter pets:


    (Literally the only "decent" ones I feel comfortable showing)

    And I have lost motivation since then and moved on to personal art/practicing. I have made some adjustments though over the few months that I'm still happy with (in theory...), but I still need the second half of Jarika Pets to go. Hopefully in January 2022 I'll have something then!

    Since I have been asked about it from multiple people lately I'm so sorry LOL

    While the above thread MagicalXGrl mentioned is still pretty relevant, I can give my two cents on how I did my stats.

    Of course, builds vary depending on what primary function you'll be doing. My build solely focuses on grinding post-dungeons since I out leveled Altar for months and the only way to have reached lvl 200 other than do World Bosses until I'm 95 years old was to aoe. If you're looking for builds that are more dungeon-based, then I would suggest the thread above.

    Like you, my main issue was always weight when grinding so I'll say this now: Don't be afraid of adding more POW than the bare minimum needed to equip your cane!

    Here are my current stats (bear in mind that I have the max total amount of status points, so allocate as much to where you see fit):

    Screenshot 2021-11-11 120049.png

    Note: If I wasn't frugal with my kron, I actually would re-locate about 20 of the invested 70 POW somewhere else.

    INT can only do so much for healers since we are nowhere near a DPS class, so I personally do not focus on having a super high INT stat. My damage would be every 5 seconds at best (Power Light) and there is not much point in over healing (most players' HP are normally under 2k). That is why after having over 100 INT, I started putting more points into POW. However, like I said at MAX I would probably cap it at 50 POW or lower. The chance of me becoming overweight is much slimmer than the chance of my inventory reaching max capacity.

    Before playing around with stats, I would recommend looking at the mount and gears you have. Like my stats, I focused on equipping items that give me more POW so I can carry more things when grinding (and not sell every 1-2 runs). This includes:

    - % Magic KungFu Lion or Gryphon (Gives +15 POW, bonus +15 INT if Gryphon)

    - Upgraded POW Robo Wings (Also gives +15 POW)

    - Cat Bell (POW) (Gives +12 POW)

    - 3x Tree Color Rings (+150 Max WT and bonus +3 Movement Rate)

    I normally wear Bunny Ears for head and Kunoichi Suit for armor, but if I'm in turtle mode, I also equip the Bath Towel (+7 POW) and Head Towel (+5 POW) to pad my slow walk of shame to sell.

    Another pro tip to above is save your location to either Brynhilld or Jotunnheim! Since the Xenepic Migration, you can now sell at the Skill Book Merchant NPC who is extremely close to the Transporter NPC at these two locations. I personally chose Brynhilld since the NPC is the closest of the two and I don't use/buy Cutesy/Tiny MP Pots. Life Conversion saves me from that extra weight but if I'm suicide aoeing, I always have Medium or Large MP Pots. Medium is my go-to since it drops in the field anyway and it always builds up.

    After figuring out your gears and mount, that is when I would start playing around with your stats. Any excess status points I had went into INT or STA.

    Hope this helps! ^^

    Bringing this thread back up more than a year later since I'm sure it's still an issue but this issue appears in another quest as well.

    The Pet Quest steps that require going through the Blacksmith (aka 4/4 Pendant and Xen Stone steps) is a little different now in the Xenepic migration. These steps are done instantly/automatically. However, the player has to talk to the Blacksmith twice for the Incubator upgrade to happen.

    If you only talk to him once about the pet quest step, he'll say congrats your incubator is now upgraded blahblahblah but he is actually lying. Talk to him again for the same exact dialogue and this time the incubator is actually upgraded.

    Seeing that you are lvl 129, can you try to take the quest again at lvl 130 (and if not 130 then 131)? I have a character that has been lvl 128 forever and tried to take the Corridor of Craving Outpost quest months ago, which resulted in that same error. This was the case since pre-migration.

    There may be a level limit that won't allow you to take it until you're 130+--which is my theory. You can even see in your screenshot that it says "Lv limited" right next to the quest, which only shows up if you're under the "required" level.

    If this is true, I still don't think it makes sense for this level limit on the quest, considering Shenzhen maps can be accessed after hitting lvl 125.

    Would be nice if there was a NPC inside the dungeon (who won't talk to us unless the boss/final boss is defeated) and give us an option to either warp back to town or for the party lead to repeat the dungeon (of course taking account our timers).

    This would be nice, given that this kind of system already exists, AKA the multiple floors of Tramis Dungeon (and the other multi-floor party dungeons). In order to proceed to the next floor, it takes account how many monsters are left and if all are killed, the party leader can move to the next floor with the rest of the members following suit.

    Having the option to warp out also covers the case where not all runs will be used for one dungeon i.e CC dungeons.

    Probably would require time to work around it given that a new party signifies a +1 to the dungeon counter, if the person actually enters the dungeon.