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    red lucky balls can be bought with amber tokens

    That is not a viable option for low level players (and certainly wasn't at the time). While Tramis Dungeon parties do exist, most of them are being run by high level players on their alts and are running it together anyway. Hardly anyone hunts down Alastor Minions as well.

    Yes, you can trade down higher level tokens to Amber tokens to redeem the blue/red lucky balls, but that is still RNG. Someone could redeem a 100 of them and hypothetically still not get their desired cosmetic gear.

    A "problem" I would see is a player downgrading their tokens to get the X amount of Red/Blue Lucky Balls needed to redeem a guaranteed Call Bell or whatever. The team can decide on the appropriate numbers for balancing as the numbers I gave were arbitrary. Or limit them to specific general lucky balls, since I can also possibly turn in an insane number of Dark Lucky Balls for guaranteed number of Meridian Rs.

    They would still be in 4 seasons if my full idea were to be implemented. I think all lucky balls should drop in 4 seasons and drop at a much higher rate, and all be purchasable through the signs.

    Quoting my paragraph of my personal opinion doing it via Four Seasons again:

    Grinding general lucky balls in Four Seasons sounds like adding unnecessary hours for no reason on a weekend, ESPECIALLY single targeting. If I wanted more of Maroon Lucky Balls, that's a lot of hours I don't have spent on my free days. I rather personally aoe/grind or do something else.

    Only time I would see this viable are for level 200 players across all their characters, but no one is that insane yet.

    I think we should remove lucky balls in lvl ~90+ maps and replace them with meridian R drops, since meridian R is the only thing lvl 90+ people really want out of lucky balls anyways. Lucky balls would still be available and drop in 4 seasons dungeon for higher lvls still wanting some lucky balls.

    Highly against this.

    I have known people where they didn't get a specific gear item (i.e. Cat Bell) they wanted until they were level 100+. I was one of them who didn't get Angel Wings in the beginning of Open Beta until I was probably already level 110+. RNG just be like that.

    Even now as someone who played since the very beginning, I keep lucky balls for certain cosmetic gears I've kept recycling in the past but now want a copy of. If lucky balls were removed in lvl 90+ maps, I obviously can no longer "farm" for them now since my account has no characters that are below level 150. Lucky balls sans GM ones are account bound. Grinding general lucky balls in Four Seasons sounds like adding unnecessary hours for no reason on a weekend, ESPECIALLY single targeting. If I wanted more of Maroon Lucky Balls, that's a lot of hours I don't have spent on my free days. I rather personally aoe/grind or do something else.

    However, I too do not like spending a lot of time near Recycle Lady NPC for an hour or so (and have unfortunately recycled perm items on accident). I like the OP's original idea of trading a number of LBs to get specific items out of it. We already seen some mechanics of this occurring, especially for Valentine's Day (with the books) and Easter Events (with the different colored/golden eggs).

    For example:

    - Trade in 25 Red Lucky Balls for guaranteed Cat Bell (POW)

    - Trade in 30 Blue Lucky Balls for guaranteed Cloak of Love (Male/Female)

    - Trade in 100 Lucky Balls for 15 Meridian Rs, etc.

    This way, a player has the option to gamble for more Meridian Rs/Jureahs/Pendants/etc if they really wanted to, or just straight up redeem some by trading in some number of lucky balls. There are only a handful of useful cosmetic gears as well throughout all the lucky balls, so having to turn in a guaranteed number to just redeem one will lessen the RNG grievance that many of us have faced early on (or still are).

    This may not be the best option to suggest but it's all I can think of at this moment.

    That looks so awesome!

    Thank you!! As expected, Shadow Master design is so hard. ;(

    Two peas in a pod, both of you surprising each other. :D He did mention your reaction, which put a smile on my face and made my day! I get really happy when someone appreciates my art so thank you!!

    My DM is always open for commissions. ;) Time to work on the next one..

    Finished another commission requested by Tempest ! His is a companion piece to misamisaDN 's own here, which plays with contrast to affinities. Can also be seen as a sequel to it! ^^

    Tempest - Temp x Misa Art Siggy 2_autoscaled.jpg

    Thank you for commissioning me!

    Much loves for the pixel art kaicean ! Super kawaii :D the image it looks like they're trying to decide on eyegear...I hope they picked the BANDIT MASK ;)

    Thank you!! I love me some pixel art. ;) Bandit mask is also a great choice!

    Bumping this thread since it still looks like an issue. Tried to reroll my MP Yellow Tiger via the Random option but says I need more space in my pretty empty inventory.

    According to some posts above me, looks like it requires 10 xens, not 5 xens, to reroll via Random which I'm not down to do if it's meant to only take 5.


    "Hey guys, come back! I'll give you Xen Stones! Everybody loves Xen Stones. I love Xen Stones."

    A+ parenting through bribery. ^^

    Maybe it's just one of those, "I kept a suiciding Assassin alive, these hands have seen too much, done too much.... They must rest." type of things.

    "Damn their nonexistent main dodge build............."

    Aww MusicLover and Axshujo are so cute in these pics. It’s great to have friends like Hammi and Axshujo. They’re awesome to hang with and get to know.

    Agreed! I love both of them, especially when tag teaming on bullying Hammi. Always fun times.

    XD hammi exposed in second one XD

    Think it's time to add "exposing Hammi" as one of my hobbies in my forum profile.

    Of course, of course. I know, I enjoy makin' her to suffer with my tough love, anyways. Since we have known each other from original game. She got me sufferin' with her overprotective and nags. Now, it's my turn to get her suffered with her own best medicine. D:<

    Price to pay for a decade+ long friendship....

    Can finally post these since MusicLover just loves making me wait aeons.

    She also loves making me suffer and question my life choices when she didn't go easy on me for mounts, especially ones that aren't even released. D:<

    hammi x axshujo.png

    Pixel art of MusicLover and Axshujo with red panda ears trying on multiple eye accessories found in-game! Also accompanied by their choice of mounts, the Red Dragon and Wyvern (;().

    hammi x axshujo (chibi)_autoscaled.jpg

    Second piece is a chibi art of them being cute and sleeping--well, at least one of them (:sleeping:).

    Thanks Hammi for commissioning me! Someone pls slap her for me when you see her in-game.

    Congrats, OnionMage12 !! Feels like it was just yesterday (and it was!) when we both talked about being Lexicon Maintainers in-game. Thank you for all your hard work on them! Definitely deserve this title.

    Also +1 on removing SSF as a chest reward. ;(

    Really wished I saved the screencap of me saying in guild chat like 5 days ago "I wonder who June's POTM is... I bet it's Celty."


    Congrats, Celty!! ^^ Definitely well-deserved, you nerd. Thank you for taking me in to CnC since it's literally one of the main reasons I am still around to this day. We are still not taking a guild photo wearing Horse Helms though, thanks.

    P.S. smh are you really forgetting that Ganta exposed your OG interview here: Player of the Month: Enn


    Yeah, as I was writing it I was like "who in their right mind would choose a poodle over any other pet!" I meaaaaaan my first hatch in both Sots and XR were a poodle, I guess I could if i had to D; but definitely wouldnt be my first choice haha. I am getting really antsy-pantsy to see these >,< !!!!

    Poodle was my first pet ever in OG (hatched it after CCing to Cleric and all) so I definitely have nostalgia over it but really wouldn’t choose it over the cats (and cute AF FATTY thanks).

    Also don’t forget there are mount plushies coming out in the (far?) future too! ^^ Money better spent there than here for a Poodle.

    Are they really 100% Normal though?

    Edit: Can't help to notice that absence of poodles LOL! Makes one wonder cough*

    You right, this is the real mode for the Bow Wow:


    Poodle was actually the first thing I attempted, but then realized two things:

    1. I don't know anyone who would genuinely buy a poodle plush
    2. Hot gluing googly eyes to a giant cotton ball and calling it a day probably would look better

    Small UI suggestion regarding the Pet Reroll window, if it hasn't been suggested yet.

    Much like how the materials needed to reroll changes depending on the user's selection, can we also add a text showing which stat the user has currently selected?

    I say this because some stats share the same exact materials with each other:

    • ATK = DEF

    Personally I feel paranoid if I truly did click the correct stat I want, since I do look at the other stats' materials out of curiosity. Before I would go ahead to reroll, I click my desired stat 82736432429 times just to make sure it is selected.

    It would be easier if a text displays what stat I'm currently viewing to lessen the headache of potential accidents of re-rolling to an entirely different stat. Something like below may suffice, or just anywhere in the window indicating current selection:

    Example UI.png

    >bow wow
    well.. I hope you don't have any order minimums per design because uhh, might not hit it for every design

    Nope! No minimum quantity per design with my manu thankfully. Just the amount of effort I allow myself to put in. I most definitely know a few who would get the Bow Wow.

    Back in December, I had the same issue for my Archmage character where I was unable to move her and could not cast any skill. The most I was able to do was hit the Enter key to be invited into a party. This only happened to my Archmage as I was able to move and interact on any of my other characters.

    Turns out there was some data corruption within my HotKey folder and after clearing this folder I was able to move on her again. Of course, this deletes all your hotkey bars on all your characters but worth a shot before having to reinstall the game.

    Do you accept kron as a maethod of payment?


    No. X(

    That was another choice I was going to make but unfornately I only had 3 choices. These mounts are very hard to choose even though we had 3 to vote from.

    You can still go back and change your answer(s)! I opted for the setting in which people are free to edit their choices.

    Maximum 3 choices was intentional. Not only do I have friends who like to troll a lot but keep it in mind:

    Which one(s) would you ACTUALLY or THEORETICALLY buy?

    Based on my preorder insights, only a few people buy more than 3 things. Not to mention, my initial list already includes some of the popular choices that people would have picked originally!