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    I very much agree that the gates need to be adjusted for healers. I think this would help more parties develop and make healers more useful. Hopefully this will increase the rate in which new healers are being made and even out the classes a bit. I have a healer BUT cannot party with friends or level really at all because of the level restrictions. Healers are not needed at low levels very often and the gates prevent me from progressing and hanging out with my friends in higher tiered maps.

    Oddly, just to state an observation, the maps where slime beans don't work properly seem to be where there's high traffic of players throughout the day. Slime beans do work in other instances (e.g. Lithroid Forest, Cobalt Caves, in Dungeons), so it seems to be that certain maps (or maybe certain conditions) prevent slime beans from functioning.

    Slime beans used to work for me in Cobalts until about a month ago. They no longer work for me.

    I have also tried the things mentioned above... putting pet away and take out again, ALT-collect, moving my toon, bean before aoe, bean after aoe, alternating monkey and fairy, re-logging, and also screaming at my pet through my computer screen. NONE worked. Although, I do feel like my pets likes me less now that I yelled at them O.o

    To no avail, my pets are lazy and apparently are not motivated by slime beans. Maybe they need a more delicious treat?!?

    My pet monkey and fairy do not pick items while using a slime beans in MOST locations I have tried. Which is frustrating because they cost 10k krons AND I rolled crap pet skills and was hoping at minimum I'd have a pet to grab loot... without that ability, the pets are 100% useless, and most likely will just be deleted?!? I know that I would greatly appreciate the slime beans being looked into and fixed if possible to make my junk pets at least useful for something.


    7th Step part 2 :

    Quest list does not guide you to pet merchant after getting medicine in Aco's guild. I clicked on it many times thinking it was stuck. IF YOU ARE STUCK go to the pet merchant in Bry :)

    I am also still having the problem with the butter step with Diane on 2 separate toons. (melly and meliscious). I have restarted the quest a few times and talked to guild office. I am considering starting the quest again.

    Thank you for all your hard work bringing back my most favorite game! I am happy that I get to be a part of testing.