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    Due to so many people getting confused, i would request that we consider changing the terminology of 'local time' to server time and also make clear that the times at the top are the times specific to the players registered time zones. This might assist in people not trying to calculate everything and get confused. For Example Thank you.

    As a 35 year MMORPG player coder,server developer for multi wow servers and minecraft servers, there is 1 issue that all players seem to not realise. "whats good for the server" most players will relate to what happens afterwards at 100+ and focus on the negatives of plvl and how it effects them well news flash all games have plvl no matter what you do. So as the saying goes if you cant beat them join them. This is where you need a flow of new players, 100+ isn't the basis of this topic and for anyone to use 100+ as a reason for new players is taking the attention away from the issue at hand.

    We need new players and to encourage that we need a wide range of all classes. Now ignoring what goes on in other maps (100+) etc due to the fact if you are level 70 THAT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM. We need to look at how can we get new players with no gear help and make them want to keep playing. Poor gear = low defence and the only class that can compensate that is a healer. I will remind everyone plvling is something that happens in every game and that is useless in this conversation. New players is what we need.

    if we do some simple adjustments to the code instead of these complicated methods that are suggested it could allow a suitable temporary fix which will allow new people to not feel like they are not being considered. After starting a fresh account only 7 days ago without a healer i couldn't do anything. LITERALLY NOTHING. Now i am at a point where i can solo thanks to those 3 healers and now i bring them along to just save me using hp pots. This is the purpose of a healer. Level gating specific mobs will deny players too much and make the system too intensive, lag would be induced due to the amount of constant checks the system would have to make per skill/hit. 1 mob in essence could crash the server if enough people hit that mob.

    When adding an adjustment to this server we have to ignore the fact it is from OG due to OG being gone for years cant compare it to this game they are worlds apart. But with how this game is designed and layed out simple adjustments could make that possible.

    Rogue has aoe

    Warrior has aoe

    templar has aoe

    archer has aoe

    wizard has aoe

    cleric NO AOE

    *and when i say aoe, i mean they have the gears skills and mechanics to aoe pre 100.

    so we need to look at what can help the one class that cannot in any way aoe pre 100. Help a cleric and save a life.

    Hello fellow xenians, i have for the first time come forward with a possible idea on how to encourage a method and open discussion on how we can make healers/clerics needed in certain maps/levels. As of right now i have a very basic idea which i think we could develop on but i want anyone and everyone to bring their thoughts on this. My suggestion is the following.

    1. Reduce the level gate on temp and cele to 80 and add a gate for 90 at prem.

    Reason : At 90 you already have close to or enough defence to aoe this map without a healer which makes them useless. Also consider def pets, def mounts, spa buff. These things alone make the need for healers useless for healing or buffs.

    2. 10 level waiver specific to healers at gates so when a healer approaches a gate that's 80 they can pass at 70.

    Reason: They are more than capable of healing/supporting a tank at lower levels so they aren't needing higher restrictions.

    3. To make healers needed again.

    Reason: As of right now most healers are 100+ but there are no fresh healers being made. Circulation of other classes is almost perfect. When players get a healer to a certain point they have to wait for a tank and mostly its in places like sleepless or higher. We need more use for them.

    Before anyone asks, no i am not a healer i'm an assassin but the need of healers has become aparent to me due to level gates making it almost impossible for players to need healers when at them levels due to already having the gear needed with a +4 or +5 easily and with lucky ball pots, cutesy pots and tiny pots why would we need them if we have the defence? supply and demand needs to be adjusted. I would love to see if anyone could come up with more ideas on this and maybe with enough people upvoting and talking about we might get this being progressed. Thank you again for your time all.