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    Sorry, I have a question. I would like to invest some points on MEN for an app. How much points is recommended? I love critical hit skills and, apparently, can increase cast spd. I don't know if there's a "guide" for MEN stat, i think is the most interesting stat since it can affect many attributes.

    Great question!

    MEN works in points of 6. I personally was around 32 MEN as a 76 Mage in the CBT, but I think you might as well get 42 MEN by the time you reach end-game. It increases Hit Rate, Skill Critical, Dodge, and Skill Speed (hidden stat which lowers the global skill cooldown) -- most relevant of which are Skill Speed and Skill Critical to a Mage (as you don't really need Dodge optimally and Hit Rate seems to be bugged.)

    You wanna grab MEN in points of 6, but since your Magic Poison functions off your Magic, it's always great to have INT.

    STA is good to have for bosses and potential suicide AoEs, but since your question is about MEN I wlil just say that it honestly comes down to preference, I think crits become more noticeable around 32 if that answers your question and Magic Fire II procs two fires which both have a chance to crit (split damage from I).

    1) Lower costs for weak pots is good for new players which is a bonus. Increased cost of tiny pots will work for a while until players get into dungeon farming which btw will end up supplying a lot of pots so will cut down on the pot shop expenditure.

    2) spa buffs I dont mind paying for because some of the buffs are good but in return they need to be adjusted so they benefit both physical and magical dps. Also with regards to the buffs have it take a certain amount of kron per buff so it'll have a better effect instead of one charge for entry.

    3) stat rebirths will only really effect players who are new to the game and are unsure of where to place the points.

    Stat rebirths are good since you need different stats for different things in the game, meaning a stat build for AoE, a stat build for ST, a stat build for solo tanking, etc.

    I can't leave this map on some characters because they get one shot by the ranged mobs upon trying to walk forward.

    This is caused by the fact that the safe zone is so small, and although it actually extends further than it appears on the map, it isn't enough.

    Any help with this would be great if it is possible (the despawn out of safe zone thing doesn't work because the mobs are technically outside of the safe zone, but it's not like there is even any real safe zone).

    I'd like to make a questioning and concerning post regarding these three stats.

    Firstly, Skill Critical. This seems to work decently well; however, it doesn't actually seem like there's a 30% chance to critical with a skill when you have 30 skill critical, it mostly seems like you'll critical then critical again right after and then not critical again for a while -- a different type of RNG mechanic.

    Secondly, Hit Rate. This mechanics seems really wonky to me, even on white mobs, it seems like I'll miss (and this usually tends to happen) two times in a row with like 130+ Hit Rate, which doesn't seem fathomable, of course this is accentuated against red mobs.

    Lastly, Dodge. This obviously seems to get better as you put points with it, as with the other stats (maybe barring Hit Rate), but I question how it actually works in terms of the algorithm used for it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    In all honesty, with suicide AoE being possible, I think if you play perfectly that DPS are indeed the best role in the game.

    The thing is, I don't think this is an actual problem.

    Tanks are the safer role in general, since especially when AoE'ing they do not have to risk sudden death if something goes unplanned.

    Thing is, it is definitely very annoying to play Holy Avenger with the current state of things due to the fact that it's just a meatshield like you said that has to wait for DPS -- but alas, I think that is intended.

    You will always be able to "safely tank" higher level maps than every other class (besides Warlord), which is your upside, but you do lower damage.

    Regarding Holy Avenger's niche, I would think that it's just meant to be another tank option, on whether or not it is objectively inferior is questionable.

    I think the fact that you gain so many HoTs alongside the fact that you have self-buffs that stack onto Paladin buffs make it so that your capacity is definitely there as the safest tank.

    As for dungeons, I think that the fact that they auto-aggro is good (this actually weakens DPS since they are so squishy) but them giving more experience ( or equal) than Open World serves as a problem for map variety.

    My personal solution? It's hard to say, but I think with the way Solstice works, they're always just going to be the low-risk, low-reward class (speed-wise) and that the only way to make them have true roles is through mobs or bosses having actual mechanics other than just being brain-dead mashing.

    I'm unsure as to whether this is an issue on my side or if it's general, but I literally have to setup the game to run in 1024x768 and then change my personal resolution in order to have the game run near smooth on startup, if I run it at my native resolution (1360x768) in the setup, it either crashes or takes extremely long to get into the game -- and while in the game, my actions seem to frame skip and have delay.

    The experience bonus indicated for the class variety isn't actually a thing.

    You get a 10% bonus for each unique member of the party, I did calculations and for an 8-person party -- you would have to kill 5 mons for it to be equivalent to killing 1 mon solo.

    Date: 11/21/2019

    Time: 3:00 PM

    Description: I was killing a Taurin on a ramp and it hit me once, stunned me, then I was unable to move from that ramp's position. This happened to me with an Aspa in Blackmail Forest as well. It also occurred to me with a mob that doesn't stun (the raccoon looking things in the Desert maps) but it was again on a ramp. What happens when you try to click away from the ramp and move around is you get stuck in this magical box that does not allow you to move. This is reminiscent of the old bug that used to occur where you'd be stunned and then the stun would never wear off, as it has a similar way to get out of it: cast a skill on a mob.

    A leaderboard for level, guild, kron, etc. would be a nice addition that seems to be present in a plethora of private servers.

    I'm of the opinion that eventually people's nostalgia for the game will begin to fade so implementing new things will be of paramount importance to retaining membership.

    If the argument is made that "it will entice too much competition and that would breed toxicity" -- I would argue that the toxicity would've been rampant in the first place if that were to be the case regardless, and it's not like the leaderboard has to be taken seriously if you don't care about it.

    For me personally, it would be motivation to play the game further as I already enjoy it.

    Thanks Rage.

    Added all the stuff you said, can you let me know if I'm missing anything or the stats of the items that I'm missing (if you have or know them)?

    Great help.



    Pink = 10-20

    Dark Pink = 20-30

    Purple = 30-40

    Dark Purple = 40-45

    Light Blue = 45-50

    Blue = 50-60

    Royal = 60-70

    Space = 70-80

    Lime = 80-90

    Green = 90-100

    Light Orange = 100-105

    Orange = 105-115

    Red = 115-125

    Dark Red = 125-130

    Wine = 130-135

    Cyan = 135-140

    Turquoise = 140-145

    Emerald = 145-150

    Well, that's roughly the data that I got for the color ranges provided in this map, credits to whoever made it and to Fuad for helping me uncover some of the more specific maps' ranges.

    The later stuff will probably be inaccurate a tad, but I do know that monsters in Amorica Forest began running in the 160s range which should indicate something (I'm not sure what the level difference must be between player and monster for them to run).


    • Monsters that are in your level range (indicated by their white name) tend to drop items more often and for your level (meaning equipment and skill books).
    • For equipment, you generally want to go to maps that are around 1-2 levels higher than indicated (credits to Fuad).
    • There is a low chance of getting armor with a full tier higher, most notably at levels 60+.
    • Starting on mobs that are a bit higher level than you (indicated by their pinkish name), the drop rate starts "dropping" -- and light blue mobs still drop a good amount of items.
    • If there is a significant level disparity between your party members, for example: a level 30 and a level 60, the drop rate is best on a level 45 map (credits to Fuad again).

    Attached will be Fuad's sheet that has rough values for maps from levels 10-61.

    I'm sure this is already possible through third-party applications (not sure if it's allowed, but through utilizing built-in keyboard programs and whatnot) but I would suggest implementing a way to customize your hotkeys.

    With the current way most gaming keyboards are setup, it makes it really tough to play fast with only being able to use F-keys, if we could put them on the numbers or something that'd be a lot better; not sure if this has already been suggested but if it is possible, it would be a welcome change by many -- I believe.

    I will attempt to make a guide on what items each Lucky Ball color drops, please contribute to this as it is a work in progress.

    I believe all Lucky Balls drop the following: Yellow Eggs, Cash Shop potions, EXP Books, Stat Reset Cards, Anti-Death Penalty Pendants, Jureah's Blessing, Meridian R, and Pibrium R.

    Also, if you guys could tell me the exact names of the items and their exact stats I will update that as well.

    Credits to Flygon.




    Cloak of Love (Male)
    Cloak of Love (Female)
    Hockey Mask
    Skull Mask


    Cat Bell (Int)
    Cat Bell (Pow)
    Green Cowbell
    Red Cowbell
    Purple Cowbell
    Horror Mask

    Yellow: Panda Suit
    Panda Helmet
    Bear Boost Suit
    Bear Boost Helmet
    Safety Helmet
    Emo Hair


    Dizzy Glasses
    Moonlight Glasses
    Eye Patch
    Mystic Sunglasses
    Sports Goggles
    Spy Glasses
    Nerdy Glasses
    Sun Glasses


    Angel PJ's
    School Uni (Male)
    School Uni (Female)
    Blue School Uni (Male)
    Blue School Uni (Female)
    Doctor Costume
    Nurse Outfit
    Doctor's Head Band
    Nurse Cap
    Green School Uni (Female)
    Red School Uni (Male)
    Red School Uni (Female)

    Pink: Red Star Hairband
    Cat Ear
    Red Polka Dots
    Yellow Big Flower
    Red Big Flower
    Angel Wings
    Red Star Hairpin
    Blue Star Hairpin

    Orange: Green Scarf
    Red Scarf
    Yellow Backpack
    Violet Backpack
    Teddy Bear White
    Teddy Bear Red
    Fox Ears
    Doggie Ears


    Rabbit Ears
    Black Cat Tail
    Black Cat Ears
    Baby Starfish Blue
    Baby Starfish Red
    Flower Tiara


    Pink Disco Hair of Power
    Pink Disco Hair of Intelligence
    Green Disco Hair of Power
    Green Disco Hair of Intelligence
    Cow Helmet
    Ox Helmet
    Baldy Helmet
    Martian Suit
    Martian Helmet


    Bandit Mask
    Tiny Devil's Wing
    Villain Cloak
    Devil Head

    Royal Cape
    Long Cape
    Power Pearl
    Agility Pearl
    Pearl of Intelligence

    Every LB
    Small HP Potion
    Medium HP Potion
    Large HP Potion
    Small MP Potion
    Medium MP Potion
    Large MP Potion
    Small Elixir
    Rebirth (Full Stat Reset)
    Exp Boost 100% (7 Day)
    Exp Boost 100% (30 Day)
    Divine Protection of Jureah
    Yellow Egg
    Anti-Death Penalty Pendant 6%
    Anti-Death Penalty Pendant 7%


    • Red School Uniform (Armor)
      • Increases POW by 3, HP/MP by 25, and Defense by 18
        • Weight: 15
    • Blue School Uniform (Armor)
      • Increases HP by 75, decreases HP recovery time by -0.2 sec, and increases Defense by 22
        • Weight: 5
    • Angel Pajamas (Armor)
    • Doctor's Headband (Head)
      • Increases MP by 100 and Defense by 15
        • Weight: 12


    • Sunglasses (Eyes)
    • Nerdy Glasses (Eyes)
      • Decreases MP recovery time by -0.2 sec and Skill Critical by 3
        • Weight: 5
    • Stunners (Eyes)
      • Increases Critical and Skill Critical by 2
        • Weight: 10
    • Eyepatch (Eyes)
      • Decreases MP recovery time by -0.2 sec and increases Skill Critical by 3
        • Weight: 5
    • White Glasses (Eyes)
    • Sensor (Eyes)
      • Increases Skill Critical by 3
        • Weight: 10


    • Red Cowbell (Face)
    • Cat Bell (INT) (Face)
      • Increases INT by 12 and Defense by 15
        • Weight: 12
    • Cat Bell (POW) (Face)
      • Increases POW by 12 and Defense by 15
        • Weight: 12


    • Cape of Love (Back)
      • Increases HP/MP by 25 and Defense by 16
        • Weight: 5
    • School Uniform (Armor)


    • Green Afro of Power (Head)
      • Increases POW by 15 and Defense by 15
        • Weight: 5
    • Green Afro of Intelligence (Head)
      • Increases INT by 15 and Defense by 15
        • Weight: 5
    • Pink Disco Hair of Intelligence (Head)
    • Martian Suit (Armor)
      • Increases HP by 75 and Defense by 18
        • Weight: 15
    • Martian Helmet (Head)
    • Baldy Head (Head)


    • Fox Tail (Back)
    • Cat Ears (Head)


    • Yellow Backpack (Back)
      • Increases maximum weight by 500
        • Weight: 5
    • Teddy Bear (Back)
    • Headphones (Head)
      • Increases HP by 100 and Defense by 18
        • Weight: 12
    • Green Scarf (Face)
    • Doggy Ears (Head)
      • Increases HP by 100 and Defense by 18
        • Weight: 12


    • Angel Wings (Back)
      • Increases Movement Speed and Dodge by 3
        • Weight: 5
    • Red Star Hairpin (Head)
      • Increases MP by 50 and Defense by 14
        • Weight: 5
    • Blue Star Hairpin (Head)
      • Increases MP by 50 and Defense by 14
        • Weight: 5
    • Baseball Cap (Head)
      • Increases MP by 75 and Defense by 12
        • Weight: 12


    • Panda Mask (Face)
    • Panda Suit (Armor)
    • Kindergarten Hat (Head)
    • Bear Boost Helmet (Head)
    • Emo Hair (Head)
    • Safety Helmet of Defense (Head)
      • Increases Defense by 20
        • Weight: 5



    • Frosty Suit (Armor)
    • Frosty Helmet (Head)
      • Increases MP by 75 and Defense by 18
        • Weight: 5
    • Snowman Hat (Head)
      • Increases MP by 50 and Defense by 14
        • Weight: 14
    • Parka (Armor)
    • Wool Hat (Head)
    • Winter Wonder Hat (Head)
      • Increases POW by 10 and Defense by 5
        • Weight: 5


    • Villain Cloak (Armor)
      • Increases Dodge by 2 and Movement Speed by 2
        • Weight: 5
    • Bandit Bandanna of Dexterity (Face)
      • Increases Attack Speed by -0.5 and HP recovery time by -0.2
        • Weight: 5
    • Bandit Mask (Face)


    • Xen Stone (Item)
      • Used to enhance gear
    • Cash Shop Pearls (Accessory)
      • Increases a stat by 10 points
    • Royal Cape (Back)


    That is what it currently looks like without cheesing, not what I actually want.

    I used the word should to emphasize the fact that all classes are playing perfectly.

    Even with them all playing perfectly, Scout and Rogue speed > Mage go in and get out for overall DPS in AoE.

    I never proposed for Scouts to have more damage than Apprentices.

    I know that Icicle and Lightning hitting from off-screen is a bug, which is why I said that Mages are significantly weakened when this gets patched. Also, Scouts don't have to spend time deaggro'ing, they just have to manage their RTs/ARs well enough to where the tank gets aggro back, whereas a Apprentice literally has to wait.

    You basically said the same things I said, "Scouts should be a more reliable, sustained DPS class" and "Mages should be a higher damage risky caster", I agree with this entirely.

    The problem is, it's tough to say in this type of game that Apprentices should be used at all due to the fact that there isn't like boss damage thresholds that need to be reached with bursts (so they're high-risk, high-reward) for not that much.

    Ideally, they do fulfill these roles with both roles being a matter of playstyle and decision rather than one being objectively superior.

    oh god no. not saying anything about adding wis at all. just the semi inefficiency of using dead lock alot. and yeah after about.... hmmmm.... 27 stat reset cards (roughly) i tested from late 30's to as high as 50MEN on a Disc/Templar. 45 is the sweet spot for the most part

    That's roughly the number I got on all my other class testing and on my Disciple as well.

    Do you think adding mini stuns (0.5-1 seconds) to the AoE skills of the mage class tree could compensate for the slow animation?

    Some kind of an "electric shock" would make sense for lightning, right? Or a very short but complete freeze for icicle etc.

    Alternatively, a skill like Icicle could also apply something like "frostbite" and cause damage over time which I think still fits the role of this class and differentiates it from the archer class tree.

    That's a very interesting thought that could actually work.

    I think that or either making them do really high damage but of course at the risk of drawing a lot of aggro would make them better in that field -- or raise the importance of burst damage in AoE settings.

    This was a bit tough to read but I'll try to address every point.

    1. Regarding solo kiting, I said the same thing around the first day of me playing, and then I actually tested it and realized that the Skill Critical becomes significant enough to take the stat especially with the way it affects the other AoE spells; meaning that with a timer on the same mob, having MEN was more effective and faster.

    2. Not really sure how to discuss this, but I guess you're implying to add points into WIS? I mean if you think with enough tests that it is worthy, then I will add that into the stat build distribution -- I'd like to know how it affects your aggro hold and damage though.

    3. The reason stuns always work is because skills in this game have splash, meaning that the debuff will always work regardless of whether or not the attack itself hits, I will edit the skill description though.

    4. Good to know, will add that in.

    5. Reducing enemy damage is different than increasing your defense, but yes I will add that in, the reason they are different is because the latter implies that you are playing solo -- reducing enemy damage affects your entire party.

    I agree with high amounts of MEN being very beneficial on Disciple, too.

    How much of pow/men is good?

    You wanna go enough MEN to either reach or come close to the Skill Speed cap on most classes.

    For example, on Apprentices I prefer to go around 30-32 MEN and then rest INT.

    On Disciple, I could see more MEN being warranted so in the upwards of 40ish is good, then rest POW.