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    This is something that I've brought up very recently and was initially onboard for. However, with the change to the pet quest token chain being repeatable, it would inevitably turn into a massive abuse issue for the materials by those with thousands of obsidian tokens.

    We're currently trying to find a balance to it so that it's not an asinine amount of platinum tokens for players to get into %value mounts. My main goal for this is that it's easier on new (especially) and old players who do not feel like spending their Kron, waiting until they're at 500 obsidian tokens, or just want to kit out their alt characters with %value mounts.

    I can't reveal exactly what way we're leaning towards, but I hope we have something in-game for everybody soon.

    so to be quite honest; either your lying about it being a rule that has been agreed upon by GMs to remain in effect. Or it simply needs to be an abolished rule...

    Yes, because I gain so much from performing my GM duties by enforcing rules that I'd come and lie on a forum where every single one of the staff members can view it. Real non-troll response right there.

    As much as you like to flatter yourself, it's not only you. Just in case you need a refresher since recent threads show you might be confused on what some definitions are...

    Rule #17:

    17. Multi Clients

    Multiple clients with only one operating real person are not allowed to take part in combat with characters of the same person.

    Only one additional client per person is allowed to be logged in at a time (Maximum of 2 clients).

    Multi Clients are not allowed to enter any instances or receive rewards from any single open world bosses with characters of the same person.

    This is a rule everyone agrees to abide by when logging into the game. There's not really a need for me "openly willing to say". Along with that, I recently asked our staff team if the rule needed changing. It was decided that this rule did not need any type of change. Therefore, I'm taking action to enforce it when presented with concrete evidence.

    If you wish to discuss your case, feel free to direct message me here on forums.

    I would like to add that some players frequently take pleasure in speaking about things they have absolutely no insight to.

    Anybody in this game is free to make any party they want to. You can shout from the roof for however many party members you need. When players spam global chat, especially at/around reset, with unrelated conversations however, it directly violates rule #5 of our rules.

    Nobody can take away somebody's right to look for a dungeon party.

    Keep in mind for anyone with Robo Wings that have not been upgraded with 100 Robo-Wing Fragments, I'm still working on a solution for you. I have a decent guess on what's wrong, and will hopefully have an answer soon if it's right.

    Robo Wings that have been upgraded with 100 Robo-Wing Fragments should have no issue performing a stat swap.

    I've also reported the issue with the "optional Red or Black Wing Color" when initially upgrading to have them come out dyed.

    I've gone ahead and passed this thread to Synex again to see if we can get it resolved permanently. I cannot guarantee a timeline for a fix as we are currently working on housing.

    With that being said, if anybody needs their Robo Wings stat swapped manually, I have absolutely no problem doing so. However, since most of my time right now is spent on the test server, it would probably be best for you to create a thread in the private reporting section. Leave an approximate time that you're in-game and have the required materials to stat swap on standby.

    Keep in mind that only I have agreed to manually stat swap at this time. Please do not go and bother other GMs in-game or here on the forums for a swap. I get that it's an inconvenience, but be patient and I'll get to whoever as quick as I can.



    As I mentioned in-game when I whispered you, your report was being reviewed to determine if there was a re-roll error. An error was found (and hot fixed) and I will be able to swap out your mount for you when you're online.

    Thanks again for reporting the issue,



    After looking into this issue for you, your egg has not left your inventory! It is the same color as a Toasty Hot Spring Egg. Please check next to your Hot Spring Raw Eggs and you should be able to continue on with your pet quest.


    GM Ego

    I played " the Secret of the Solstice " for years, I had tons of Pets and Permeant Gear all lost when it went to Reborn, which I hated Reborn and quit it they ruined the game, I do love this game and appreciate that it's back, I think you might advertise it on Facebook? and I think people are having an issue with the way they have to get on the game site to actually play, most games you just put in your info an make an account, this game you have to down load into a file, then put it into a folder and un-Zip it, make your account, it's confusing for people who are not computer literate, I think that's the main issue , and then it goes to " the Secret of Solstice file " then the game play, and we need an actual Teck to resolve game play problems that will fix glitches that arise there's no one that helps us with issues and most of the GM"S are not talking to us to help solve problems? why not they always did in the old game we need a link to technical problems with our Game that we can find to receive help as we need it, will that get fixed soon? the forums are not easy to follow and I want to get my pets back that i had in the old game? I had lots of them every kind , the Pet Quest Items should fall in all of the Maps, not just the higher ones, and not just in the Dungeon's, getting our pet quest items should be fun not frustrating, all of them should drop often in the MAPS, getting Xen's and Hypermill's is almost impossible for the majority of players then when we try to enhance out Mounts it fails over and over , we loose the items to level up our mounts , i think people are just getting frustrated the older game it might fail 2 or 3 times but this one i have seen someone post it took 18 try's to get their mount to level # 3 that's over kill it shouldn't be happening that's not random or fun, taking many items to make our mounts, some will say it isn't a problem? that's the people who were pre-leveled they can play the dungeon's in party's that low level players are not able to do! Hypermill's and Xens should drop at a decent rate in all maps, Hypermill's are being sold for more than the Xens, because, they are so hard to get then they get ate up at the Enchanters when we try to level up our mounts? please consider what is fun for all players, I have made 6 mounts since April, 1 Pony, level 2 , Alvin's i have 3 ? only one could enhance to level 2, the others are UE's they fail every time I try to enhance them and i have a Fatty that's UE ,because, I can't get the items to level it too even be a Mount? it has failed and taken all of my items to enhance? i want to be able to get Tigers, and Fawns the " HIGHER level Mounts " what does it take to get them? it's not random when we see people with 3 or more White Tigers, Fawns, yellow Tigers and other good mounts and selling them and still and much too long is make a ? I am getting older mounts Alvin's in a row, the pets should be random for everyone, it's makes it fun to play there's no mystery to getting the same pet out of every quest, Ii don't see high lvl players with Alvin, hippo's and low lvl Pets from random pet eggs? let the Xens and Hypermill's drop in abundance for everyone not everyone can survive in the dungeon's or even play in them they are all high level? where's the Dungeons for the low level players? let us have our pet quest items drop in the maps please, and give us back our Tigers and Fawns, more defense pets Please it's the fun of the game, also the race is not fair for all players when all these high lvl players are using " Robo Wings " no one else can win, so why p[lay they should be in their own race not the ones for everyone else or ban them from using them in the races? there's a lot of good Ideas but please consider the Pet Quest items and fix the Mounts to where we can get our favorites, also the items that the Per Merchant isn't self explanatory we need a information guide in place on how to proceed to get the things in the list or where to go to get them please, it's a great idea but a lot of it is confusing to me? I think people will play more and bring on friends if we have a technical team to help us and more information on the quests , how about dungeons for lower level players please

    I will help all I can

    thanks Zageria <3:)

    As one of the newbies on the team, I can't speak towards any previous issues you or your friends may have ran into. I've tried to stay on top of any player shouts needing assistance. If it isn't something immediate, please continue to use the bug reporting section for any bug/glitches you've run into.

    Bug Reporting

    For Jarika's pet quest items dropping in all maps, this was not the case in the original version. There were specific mobs that dropped specific items, as it is in Xen Rebirth. Based on one of the Lexicon articles, it seems you can obtain some of the items from more locations than you could in the original game. I can't stress it enough, but the "Lexicon" tab at the very top where just this one guide is, is extremely helpful for every player. As of recently, the "Guides" section of the forum has also introduced a lot of helpful information.

    Jarika Pet Quest Item Drop Guide


    With Xen Stones and Hypermill, these items are intended to be more rare. The team heard the feedback about the Hypermill drop rate and it was improved in the 07/24 maintenance.

    Update 07/24

    As one player has stated, the "higher level mounts" are obtained through the token system. You can begin collecting tokens at level 45 as another player has mentioned. The "Lexicon" tab has guides on which boss instances reward which tokens. It also has another article which shows you where to redeem the tokens and how much each item costs. Depending on the item you want, you can seek out the "Shady Dealer" NPC located in Oasis who has the ability to convert tokens into your desired token. Oasis is located at the end of the desert maps and has an instant teleport from Eir once you've reached level 80+.

    Party Dungeon Instances

    Boss Instances

    Token Exchange - Tramis Mansion

    Token Exchange - Pet Reward Chain

    Boss Token Exchange Rate (Shady Dealer)

    World Map & Level Gates

    When it comes to enhancing your un-enhanced pets, it is random for all players. There is no combination in which a player can guarantee their outcome. Players who have multiples of the same mount have either enhanced into the same one like you have, purchased them from fellow players, or have farmed enough tokens to purchase the same mount (high level ones only). Opening your pet egg is also random. There are 10 pet types in total, split 50/50 between the two colored eggs. Players have collaborated to show how they answered the pet egg's final questions and their outcome. HOWEVER: You are not guaranteed to get the same exact pet. It is all random.

    Pets & Mounts

    Pet Quest Egg Answers, Color, and Outcome

    Hopefully I answered a few things for you, Zageria

    Thank you for your feedback,

    GM Ego