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    I was told that the pet re-roll happened 2 days ago. My bad, I hadn't seen that. I'm usually lurking the forums but haven't in the last 2 days. My concern wasn't meant to suggest to make things easier, at all. One of the reasons I quit was how over priced everything was with the small amount of shops there were. We all know there's always someone selling crap at ridiculous prices. Shops, imo are there not only to help players get what they need and make kron but also help those who don't have time to farm items. I know how time consuming it can be to farm kron or items in general. In any case. I'm glad GM Gummybear did what he did to make it as fair as possible! Thank you for the replies Tatsi and eru. I appreciate it. :love:

    I'm looking forward to this pet re-roll. My biggest concern is people selling the items that are tradeable at RIDICULOUS prices. I came back today and oh my Lucifer. Some of you greedy people, shame on you! Let's not make it impossible for new players and players who don't have the time to farm or aoe for kron to participate in this re-roll. It should be all player type friendly. I have more input but I have to run. I wanted to share my biggest concern. <3

    At the end of the day, the GMs are not professionals. So, knowing that, we can expect messy, lazy, or rushed events at times.

    Shout out to GM Enigma for adding details to the event. Acknowledging that common sense is a flower that isn't grown in everyone's garden is awesome.

    Where have you been all my life? <3

    Hit the nail on the head here. Couldn't of said it better myself. I'm not very good with words, as I'm sure many here would agree.

    It really comes down to perspective. It's easy to say a game a dying, when it's dying from your own experience, but it's not the case for others. :)

    And from my perspective, the game is very much alive...from the communtiy and from the many events that the devs and GMs are constantly brewing up to keep things fresh!

    I suggest taking things slowly...don't rush... and just go with the flow without the need to be somewhere ASAP! :)

    That's really a matter of opinion. Of course that is yours.

    This game is dying in my opinion. So many friends have quit. Others refuse to even join up and play because of the massive changes that took place. Here's some things that contribute to this game dying...

    There's no economy.

    No new players to play with. (While new accounts are made daily, the number isn't changing much and I've been keeping track, it stays between 95-198, generally staying around 150-168 mid day..)

    Not everyone gets along with with everyone, so partying IS limited.

    People already have their "clicks".

    Everyone is pretty much high level so all that's really left is tiger/alter parties...

    The events are ok.

    Personally, I only see one active GM and that's Ganta.

    There is only one dev.

    Did I say there's no economy?

    I may edit later when I think of more to add...

    I wouldn't say its dying yet. number of new accounts each week has been very steady since October. Its not trending up, but not trending down either. With just how many people showed up to the event today, killing boss monsters so fast as if they were just poyos, i'd say there is still a large dedicated player base.

    It's dying.

    I've really enjoyed reading through this thread. Thanks for making it! Here goes...

    DarkSenshi - My OG Priest. Senshi is Japanese for warrior or soldier. I chose this nickname due to my love for Sailor Moon. My favorite senshi being Sailor Saturn and in my opinion she is the darkest senshi. Hence DarkSenshi.

    Senshi - Eventually, over time, people began to call me Senshi, and still do to this day. This is my main in OB.

    EvilSenshi - My OG Holy Avenger.

    Chaos - This is a nickname that I've had since my teen years...

    Scorpio - My sun sign.

    Lucipurr - Named after my adorable black kitten who is named after Lucifer Morningstar. She definitely lives up to her name. lol

    This is the main reason I "live" here haha

    Ah okie, I'm assuming this is North LB's level limit. That means I can get to Wizard and kill things in LB still, Thanks!

    Oops, yeah I meant for north LB lol Glad I could help.

    What's the level mobs in each area of Lost Brynhild run away from your attacks? Just curious if I should sit at 93 or can move on to 94.
    *Currently living in center LB*

    Oh and is there a guide on each area's run level or there is none :0

    I can't remember clearly, but I believe I stayed in LB until around 100. Pay close attention to mob name color. You can aoe mobs until they are greyish blue. Grey is key. Too much blue and they run.

    It's not respecting someone's opinion when you're accusing them of whining in an indirect way now is it? You offered no feedback and instead wrote a condescending comment that was barely relevant to the post if at all.

    As GM_Ganata has stated before, there are many who pay attention to the forums. So what if they don't comment? They are still reacting to a post. They are still participating and offering their opinions through the react button. Maybe someone said what they were thinking so well that the react button says it all!

    Thank you for responding, it's good to hear from you!

    While its true that few people actually post in the forums, many people still read the forums, post reactions, and vote in polls, as can be seen in other threads I have made What is the main reason you log in to the game? - Offtopic - Xen Rebirth | What would you like to see happen to mp pets? - Suggestions - Xen Rebirth | Halloween Art Contest (voting is over) - Events - Xen Rebirth

    As far as AoE goes, its more important in this version of the game to level up due to how much easier it is to have to defense to aoe. In OG, we didn't have spa buff, def pets/mounts, or easy access to defense bell & capes, so AoE to level up was much less effectives. Single target parties were far more common back then. Now, classes that can solo AoE have a HUGE advantage over those that can't. Single target killing just doesn't give anywhere near as much exp as AoE does.

    I do remember having spa buffs and basic mounts/pets in OG before Reborn. AoE was also important for leveling up in OG as well. I remember being apart of both types of parties (single kill and AoE).