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    Xen stones? easy to farm, I've given lots of them away already, not asking a single kron for it. Firewood? I've farmed 100 ones together with my husband. The rest of the pet quest items are also quick drops, same for overmaross, sirius star, silkion, yellow watermelon, equisible, metruon, etc, drops quite a lot. Everything is easy to get in this game as long as you are willing to put in effort, with laziness you don't achieve anything. Not everyone knows where or how to farm certain items, that doesn't mean the prices should be abused.

    Look at the screenshots in this thread about the accessoires, is it fair people farm those items and sell them for such a high price? They are not even to be called rare anymore since they have so much of it + it's easy to obtain if you know which boss drops it.

    With such prices it's all about greediness and being selfish, it might make people quit the game, aren't we a community where we should make the game a better place and enjoy it all together?

    I was just in Essene and tried item enhancement at the alchemist by clicking on accessory. I followed the procedure of making a new accessory/Pearl by adding the items: Overmaross, Sirius Star, Silkion and 3 Meridian R.

    NOTE: I couldn't add a Pibrium R (which is the correct procedure)

    However when adding a Strength Pearl together with a Pibrium R to the other 4 items and removing the Strength Pearl again I was able to try making a new accessory/Pearl with a Pibrium R remaining in the slot but the enhancement failed. All items including the Pibrium R disappeared after the try.

    The Pibrium R is not supposed to stay inside when the item/Pearl has been removed from the slot.

    My friend has added me, deleted his character and made a new character with the same name. Then he added me again as a buddy and I had him 2 times listed. After deleting him as a buddy I got readded by him and still had both names.

    See screenshot.