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    private message or dm mike in game

    Armor of cloud 6ap +1 (3)

    Armor of Sky 6ap +1

    armor of trial 6ap +0

    armor of trial 6ap +2

    armor of flash 6ap+0

    armor of flame 6ap+1

    helmet of cloud 6ap+2

    helmet of sky 6ap+1

    gloves of trial 6ap+1

    gloves of branch 6ap+1

    gloves of tree 6ap+1

    gloves of flash 6ap+2

    shoes of sky 6ap+2

    shoes of trial 6ap+1

    shoes of the branch 6ap+1

    shoes of flash 6ap+1

    shoes of the flash 6ap+2

    shoes of instinct 6ap+2

    shoes of farewell 6ap+1

    shoes of farewell 6ap+2

    shoes of a well 6ap+2

    shield of ground 3ap+2

    shield of wind 3ap+2

    shield of cloud 3ap+2

    shield of cloud 3ap+1

    shield of sky3ap+0

    shield of sky 3ap+1

    shield of ray 3ap+1

    shield of instinct 3ap+1 (2)

    shield of firewood 3ap+2 (3)

    shield of fire 3ap+1

    sword of black volcano 6ap+1 (2)

    ascend staff 6ap+2

    pin needle dagger 6ap+0

    cane of training 6ap+0

    cane of confession 6ap+1

    shoes of ember 6ap+1

    shield of embers 3ap+2 (4)

    shield of solidarity 3ap+2