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    Super Class PvP event!!

    Hosted once a month a pvp tournament based on class. All rouge/mages/app/aco/disc ect. go against their own class to see who is the best of their class group. Suggest putting names into a cup or matching generator to have every1 1v1 each other. Winner advances to next 1v1 tell only 1 Super Class Champion is left. No pots allowed except mp. Suggest a special Crown for the Champion of each class that expires in a month or special outfit same effects. Have every1 sign up ahead of time so we know who is fighting and can plan tournament 1v1 setup. Prizes can be something else just usually see a special costume or crown in other games xD. This can also be broken down to every other week do 1-2 classes or 1 class per month? i know gm's got a lot going on. Previous Champ cant participate if they won month b4. Just to give other people a chance?

    I notice the Level gate for Templar Gorge is the same for Sleepless. Seeing that Templar+ is much harder than Sleepless. Shouldnt the Level Gate for Sleepless be lower. Maybe lvl 70 or 75+? Any thoughts? or just remove the level gate for Sleepless?

    Have you tried to delete the extra quest that you have. It could be clashing with each other. i just had a pet quest give me 2 quest when i should of had 1. Deleted the one i didnt need and everything worked out fine.

    Wings Def equal to Capes?

    I had made a somewhat similar suggestion during closed beta, but it seemed to get shut down quite a bit. If you want to read through the comments here is the link of the post I made. I felt like the capes aren't making the game feel fair enough and there's still this "meta" where you can't decide on what you actually want to wear over just wearing an item because it's the only option you really have.

    agree even having it match up would be a nice touch!!!!

    Seeing how SC capes have 16def, Def wings are pretty mush useless other than the base stat. Just would love to see def wings have at least more def than an SC item. Making def wings have 18Def would be lovely and make them more useful.

    I feel the struggle is real for find ap 6 gears. I'd like to suggest a new feature to game "gear fusing" collecting x amount of ap2 to make an ap4 gear and x amount of ap 4 to make ap 6 gears.

    I have had some major issues with being moblocked. Only time I seem to get out of it or dont get it is when i get a speed buff. I wud like to suggest either getting more move spd when enhancing shoes or simply slow the mobs down a lil so they dnt jam us up when trying to aoe. I am aware enhancing shoes does increase speed. But it wud be better in earlier stages in stead of the later. Maybe +2 moves speed at +3 shoes enhancement and +3 move speed at +5 enhancement.

    There have been a few times I accidently sold one of my gears!! When I was solo killing I wouldn't mind to much. But now that I am aoeing this is a game changing accident. Almost had to stop aoeing when I went to repot/sell because of this accident. I was lucky enough to have a spare. Point is we just need a system where we know for sure we can sell everything we have and not lose our valuable gear x.x. Please and Thanks this is "Needed"!!!