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    to give this more detail she class changed to Aco Character name "Katlin1217" and was unable to use any of her skills even with a weapon equipped, it would always say "Quest not Completed"

    she created a new character and will update this if the bug persists.

    Update: Bug did not continue on new character

    Thats their rules to change. The great thing is if the person being bullied is worried the private reporting area is only accessible to the team. So no one on the game will see it or know the person reported. The ONLY way for that to get out is if a member of the team tells someone else and that in itself is a whole other issue. They can also just submit directly to Synex where it wont get out because hes not going to tell people but he can have a talk with his team about people not trusting the process. While I get that there is shyness or there is no confidence my explanation and the explanation of Tabby still stands. It may seem like something to one where it is not something to another. The original bullied person would need to come forward and trust in the team to make the right decisions

    agreed but most if not everyone's

    experience with reporting abuse like that is having the accused talk to the accuser then the accused goes and spreads rumors and makes the accusers situation 100x worse so most would not want to "privately" come forward. Do agree with coming forward to synex though only issue I see is him seeking help from the GM team in dealing with it.

    if that is still the case I think it should be revised cyber bullying is the same as bullying IRL and not everyone has the confidence to stand up for themselves even in an online setting 3rd party reports should be taken into account That is how bullying gets out of hand. I speak from personal experience shy person when it comes to things like that and alot of times you are judged for it which prevents you from wanting to report it. Alot of time when someone tells you it is private it gets out and just makes it worse.

    The player who is being bullied must submit the report. So a bystander may see something the original player doesnt feel is bullying. If the player is concerned about someone seeing their report they can rest assured that in the private report section no other player outside the GM team can see it. If they are part of the team then they should submit their evidence directly to Synex. He would be the only one to see it.

    Idk how feasable this is, however I would like to suggest completly seperate game channels that would act like seperate servers.

    Most likely just 1 or 2 to give newer players a chance or even give current players a chance to completely start over without having to create a new account

    This would entail

    No items, or characters, guilds, would transfer you would start off on a completely blank slate.

    I have done this type of thing only once before and it was a huge pain. even in a game without any restrictions like this one.

    in this game it doesn't really matter to me personal because there is not such a massive variety of character builds as other games with pvp, i think it is more habit with other players especially in some games i've played certain gears have certain effects if your opponent can read it they would know how to counteract your gear effects.

    Didn't expired fashion items became red? or am I mixing up other mmorpg memories with Solstice? where it gets turned red so you can't wear it.

    they do not become red, only identification is to hover over it or it says "item is expired" when trying to equip it. however would be a nice addition for identification purposes

    hopefully however it happens to me even when not in a party. either black screen or major texture glitches.

    Hey guys! I have two questions first off lucky balls I have gotten white, blue and pink, the white gave me emotes.... *sigh* but the pink and blue ones gave me hp/mp potions!? Is there something Im doing wrong I cant seem to get any of the costumes/accessories from them lol next question is where to get xen stones for enhancement at the blacksmith? Thanks

    you are doing nothing wrong Lucky balls are so random try your luck and you will get costumes and such eventually, xen stones are gotten from anywhere in the land of Xen they drop and you will hear a ding also from Hero Lucky balls, do your daily dungeons for them.

    Oh and I also got from a lucky ball 3 Meridian R which I have no idea its use lol

    Meridian R is used to increase the Success Chance while Enhancing items, Each Meridian R increased success chance by 5% collect them they are worth it in the long run, and You will go through them really quick.

    if you make the choice to use the "untradeable" xen stones and go the easy route to upgrade your gear rather than normal xen stones. Why should it be tradable. I wasnt saying normal xens gear be bound.

    Strongly dislike this idea. This is a multiplayer game, not a single player.

    I see too many ways for a daily quest that provides untradeable xens to be exploited and manipulated. Just because the xens are untradeable, doesnt mean you cant trade your gear you want to enhance over to an alt (or 50 alts for that matter) and use those untradeable xens. This would make xens completely worthless.

    As Rage pointed out, you can create alts and run dungeons as an alternative way to obtain xens. Xens should be hard to obtain, as they are a luxury.

    Way to avoid that is make it so if you use these "untradeable" xens to upgrade gear the gear becomes untradeable.