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    Do you ever find yourself searching through the crowd to find your friends? See someone speeding down a map on their favorite mount, by the clothes that they wear you try and figure out who they are because your eyes were too slow to figure out their name. You remember that flowery head wear they always use, or the blue cat ears they wear when they're feeling good, so you come to the conclusion that that person is your long time friend, Eric. Eric always rode this favorite Lion mount, who with its flawless Brown fur amazed the crowds, a smile as a big as the half moon on the quiet night. The Lion was such a great partner to Eric, it provided Eric with a cool uniform every time they went on adventures together. So you contact Eric and ask him where's he going at such speeds, Eric replies, I'm confused, I'm sitting in my usual spot next to the Brynhilld transporter. You must be speaking of the new Templar in town he has a Lion mount as well, and apparently he likes to wear the same blue cat ears I wear. And on that moment you ask yourself, why are we being forced to wear what our mount asks us to wear, they're the pets here...

    Suggestion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Not sure if I'm the only one, but I've always liked to ride mounts but also I've always loved to feel a sense of uniqueness with my in-game cosmetic wear. I love to experiment with different looks that make me stand out from the crowds and and create some uniqueness for my characters. At any chance I get, I try and dismount so that I can see and showoff my awesome outfits and distinguish my self from everyone else who has my same pet mounts (and forcefully the same mount outfit). Lately there have been some really cool fashion items like the Biker suits and unique items like Cinco De Mayo Ponchos that many of my friends and I fancy. I would love to be able to have pet mount outfits as optional feature so that we can wear our favorite outfits while riding our favorite mounts.

    Ways to Automate the showing/removing of mount outfits.

    • If a user has a costume worn on 'Mix mode,' disable mount outfit. If not, Enable mount outfit.
    • As a Removable buff much like the the mix mode diamond and mount buffs.
    • As a Pop up question when pet is mounted.
    • User talks to an NPC who will remove the outfit (Maybe the pet merchant).

    *Obviously I wouldn't know how the back end of the mount outfits function. They sort of seem to change our character's arm and leg sizes when mounted. Even though cosmetic wear differs heavily from default character class outfits, cosmetic outfits have similar sizes and look the par with mount outfits.

    * Cosmetic outfit/Costume/Outfit = Suits/Tops that don't require a specific class (suits/tops from Lucky balls or events).

    * Pet Mounts/Mounts = Mountable pets obtained from Trading in dungeon tokens or enhancing a Skill Pet obtained from Jarika.