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    per couple, so i'll give you both up to 5 rings each for the 50m.

    We like the idea and may add it as an NPC feature, but that will be after the migration, so all the money goes to me for now :P

    Just whisper me when you see me in game and i'll give you the rings and trade me the kron.

    yes, you can sign up for a quick private wedding. Just sign here Wedding Sign Ups! or message me in game at some point. I'll perform a shotgun or las vegas style weddings any time.

    Oh! All our toons for 50 million. Well then. I won't make Celten pay for us.

    Will definitely try to find you online later today when I'm home to make this happen for Peaen and I. Thank you so much, Ganta, for taking my silly (but serious) suggestion and making it happen!

    My husband is lazy and doesn't want to swap his ring from one character to another so he can warp to me.

    Clearly having a copy of the wedding ring for each character on our accounts is the ONLY solution to his inability to warp to me on his wizard since the ring is on his SM.

    I am willing to sink kron into this. I bet Remasto would be willing to take 5 million of my kron for each copy we request.

    Thank you, and have a grand day!

    Congrats, Sparkie! Great to see a newer name as player of the month!

    Sparkie for Xen President! Get those SSF removed!

    (And ywm too pls. How about replacing them with equisibles? :P)

    Beet & Goat Cheese ice cream sounds amazing!

    Also, how did you walk past the baklava and loukoumathes and not get any?! Disappointed. (If you ever get a chance to have baklava cheesecake, DO IT.)


    • you become a xenian after rebirth
    • you keep all your stat points after rebirth
    • you keep 5 skills of your choice after rebirth
    • when you reach lvl 16 you can cc to any class. So now you can become a disciple with rapid step and enhance or a acolyte with wild swing lol
    • but you get a fifth of the exp you would normally gain for quests, dungeons and killing mobs

    Could you imagine an archer with rapid step....

    My experience has been similar: When mobs are white, you get more drops. Maybe not better drops, as in xens, silkions, wisp tickets. But you do get more drops. More drops = more chance of better stuff.

    yea... as a healer back then, I didn't like to party with assassins xD

    I prefer healing for assassins/SMs, then and now. I mainly healed for Puma23's and iDizzy's SMs in OG, and they pulled full maps all the way to Amorica. It was a fun challenge, kept me engaged (and awake), even more once the hippograsses were introduced into the Templar + maps.

    The unpredictableness of dodge both sucks and adds some thrill. Peaen died more than a few times in our adventures leveling up in XR, but I guess that makes it less of a grind when you push your limits. :D