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    Let me just get straight to the point- I suggest an ALL mixed mode slot. Currently there is only mixed mode for Clothing and Helmet slot.

    My friends and other players would like this feature. There has been multiple threads talking about essentially the same thing, an expansion of the mixed mode.

    I think any start to the expansion of this suggestion would be greatly appreciated, especially since there are new GM LBs with even more/new items to wear.

    Some of the items are cosmetics only with no stats, but since there's only limited mixed mode, there's no point in carrying them since we can't use them while aoeing.

    Add more Gear Slots to Mix ModeAdd more Gear Slots to Mix Mode

    What do you think of this idea/how to improve and what else would you like to see related to this? I think if this gets enough attention, maybe the devs can try to work on it, now that there are devs! :)

    Thanks, for your consideration!


    It seems that deleting all the roles and remaking them did the trick for position powers, even after a quick relog and full relog, I can still change people's positions. I haven't tested emblem yet though.

    This fix would be most viable to those guilds who has at least a somewhat active guild master.

    Looking at you, Itadakimasu!

    my guild had that problem too but I thought it was this bug RE: Cannot invite new members to guild but maybe its something new?

    Ooh, I'll have the guild master try this later and see how it goes. Thanks for the post- I didn't look hard/long enough to see other possible fixes.


    That's odd. I have logged and relogged many times after the position was fixed in another guild that my character is in, yet never had that sort of problem. It's the same thing back when I had a character in Red Pandas too: I didn't need to ask Hammi fix it again after she did the "temporary fix" process only once.

    Ah, yeah, the glitch/bug comes back once we relog and we would need it to be changed again. ;( I wish it was an easy one time change-fixed deal.


    ~Holy Bear~

    I hope kicking the members and re-inviting is not what we will have to resort to as some members of my guild are quite... picky about the order of members ahaha. Will definitely try to remake all of our roles and reassign them and go from there.

    As for guild emblem, the only resolve so far is to get reassigned the role, logging/shutting down the game doesn't seem to work. Hopefully with the "new" roles, this will also fix the issue.

    My guild leaders and I have noticed a bug with guild positions/roles since maybe last Guild PvP Event - I'm sure many others have experienced guild roles being bugged as well.
    Even though we have full authority but are not guild master, we can't invite members to our guild, change their positions or approve new members.
    A temporary fix to this is to get the guild master to reassign the role to "n/a" then back to whatever position we had. However this is nearly a temporary fix that goes away once you log/relog, leaving you with the same problem when you log back in.
    This temporary fix is okay if the guild master logs on often, even so I always feel a bit ~:!:bad:!:~ having to ask someone for their time on a busy day to come reassign my role.


    Me: With power :evil:

    Me: Trying to change someone's position

    Me: Clicking OK and it not being okay. :S

    As you can see, after I click "OK" the role does not change. I've tried it on other guild members as well- this was just one example.


    In addition, same with guild emblem, I do believe. But I've yet to fully test that (guild master is not online), will get back to this post once I've confirmed it. Same concept though, cannot change the emblem unless I've been reassigned the role.

    Current emblem:
    Shows that the new emblem is accepted, and updated:

    But when clicked Complete- it doesn't change.

    Doesn't take my krons either for "updating" the emblem.


    Has this happened to anyone else in their guild? :/ I've been reading on other sort of related threads about bugs related to guild/guild roles, such as storage or kron but the only temporary fix is just to get the roles reassigned and that's a bit of a hassle because it'll be bugged again when you log off.

    This! Whenever I come back from being AFK after setting up shop, I'm always scrolling up the chat to see if I sold anything (ofc, I rarely see the notice because it gets lost in the chat), and I'm always wishing it was a notice instead.

    Hm. I do agree.
    Hypermill seems more rare than Xens these days. I'd much prefer it on the loot rotation more than say SSF or Vitamin Powder (not suggesting to get rid of these), but it would be nice if Hypermill was a drop as well. I think that would also make dungeons a bit more worth (at least for me) since I don't do much on my main other than Tiger runs (but I guess that's my own volition).

    Anyway.. I like this suggestion v much. 10/10.

    So I recently got the Amaranth wings, and my friend mentioned how the skill (warping to return point) is a bit underwhelming. So what if instead of return point, it's a multi-warp. CD can be lengthen to balance it out. Or.. something like that?