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    I agree with everything Rage has said. It wasn't a good idea then, and it doesn't seem to me to be the solution here. I don't have any solution of my own, just like the observation that if you're going to repeat the past, don't be surprised when you get the same results, and those results always felt super "lacking".

    I'm not sure if it was because of Outspark being a ****show, or if it was because of the whole high-school clique mentality everyone absolutely seemed to have back then, but we should have ALL learned from that. We were 100% all to blame in our own way for the toxic elements that happened. All of us.

    Having a favoritism contest to elect some council always leaves people unrepresented as well. Not everyone is always talking all the time, not everyone wants to play the game the exact same way, and not everyone is popular. Those people who aren't interested in the politics should absolutely have representation so we don't get even more irrational class imbalance, for example, simply because X person only likes X class.

    Character got capped at 10 and is offered zero quests to finish getting to level 16 in the tutorial. I grinded an extra level doing dadamons because I spaced out, that's the only deviation from a pretty standard tutorial run. Now at level 10 and there's no quests offered, but she's stating that I need to finish the quest. It's not really a huge issue, I can just restart and be more careful next time, just wanted to report it!