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    wow really? o.o
    i rarely aoe without a healer. I use a lot of hp pots aoeing alone, and its not as fun. But anyways, I don't see that as a problem as I get roughly the same exp solo aoeing in a lower level maps.

    Yup none of them use healers lol

    i'm not saying you said we can't AOE, I didn't say you said we have to be docile, i'm saying the if they aren't allowed to play their class they would have to be docile to a point that's my take on it, they can AOE and kill more than 3-4 agro at a time, and also pull whole maps to kill with a healer and or other classes, where knights can kill alone, Rogues should also be allowed to play without being policed, and they can Kill huge mobs alone as can other classes, Templers are awesome killers they AOE and kill mobs alone, why would Rogues have the ability as we have always have, and not allowed to use it Rogues are held back to let a Squire do the same thing? Rogues do act as tanks to a point even though they are not allowed to be called a tank they are, I don't know what else you could call them? they are a fun class and this is why there's so many more Rogues than Squires/knights in the game, we can't have it both ways, because, they do act as a tank with or without knights, when there's no knight in the group Rogues /Assassins' are the tank, Templers are also ruthless and can also act as a tank they can AOE as well as any knight don't you agree? I'm not upset with you at all we are having a discussion, i'm defending my Rogues abilities, we do depend on Defense the more the better, it's not a confrontation so please don't take it that way, I'm saying don't take the abilities from other classes to beef up Squires/Knights add to theirs but leave us alone to play, you didn't offend me :) I have no wish to offend you we are having a discussion right? ^^

    Every assassin I know who plays now does not use a healer. Definitely not an argument :) Yes this is a discussion

    Drop rates would be alright (tho a little low for xens if you ask me) if we had more people aoeing adding to the supply. But so many people only do dungeons, and those people also need xens and other mats. Say a player gets 12% from a dungeon and logs off. If that same player actually went and got 12% from aoe, they would get so many more mats depending on their level.

    Dungeons in general make a player progress faster than normal without supplying any (well, very little since we get one drop per run) kron/xens/etc. So you end up with people leveling faster and needing more mats than they would have if dungeons didn't exist. The extreme example of this is when someone gets plvl'ed straight to 66 and doesn't have any xens, kron, or ap6 gear they need to aoe.

    Anyway, I'm also curious if drop rates are the same from OG or were they adjusted at all for XR? Since the game is so much easier to level, I'm curious if drop rates were touched too or just exp.

    Without knowing the exact rates from OG (believe these are unknown as the game was completely empty when we got it (no gates, sz, npc connections, anything) there is no way to determine the rates.

    I never said they should be the only ones to aoe but they are not tankers. You DO currently have the ability as I know quite a few assassins who can aoe entire maps such as Bangle/Amorica/Lava on and so forth. If your gears are up to par you can do not really sure your comments that they can not. They shouldn't be able to take entire maps is my point. The Warrior class is your meat shield and in any other game they are your tankers. I am sorry if that offends you ?(. The assassin is a killer yes...but individual to 3-4 mobs killer...not entire maps. They rely on dodge...not defense....and not once did I state they should be docile.

    I hate log in rewards. People should log in and play because they enjoy the game, not because of feeling they will miss out on rewards if they don't. Its also dumb to punish people that can only play on certain days. Why should someone who plays for 10 minutes every day get more rewards than someone who plays for 6 hours saturday and 6 hours sunday? We already have enough daily activities I think between world bosses and dungeons.

    Agreed. Maybe an NPC where you donate some of your exp for certain rewards a day? Means you have to actually play and you can only do that with ONE toon on your account. That would negate people logging in and sitting or just moving a click to get that log in reward. Or just give us a POX a week HAHA......*I need the xens please ;(* lol

    in the old game Assassins were as strong as Warriors they were also tanks, we held leveling party's and we did AOE all over the maps pulling the whole map, Squires were not as strong, and they whined about Rogues being able to AOE in the same higher maps, and now we have low level squires aoe the lower maps like Cyoren taking the monsters from all the other player's , they run over the maps taking everything, they have no regards for the players killing a few at a time they run up and take them, then whine if anyone else try's to play the map they know nothing of map sharing, and they don't have too? Rogues are not allowed to take the whole map they are supposed to only pull a few at a time even though they can pull the whole map too, but can't due to unfair rules placed on them? so why are people going to play the game if they can't use their skills? how is that ok when players can't play them? I use to help Squires, they are suppose to be the tanks but they don't want use their skills to help other players level they are only interested in their own experience, because , the higher they go the less experience they will get so if they do help people they loos out on exp? why? so what's the point in them being supposed the tanks? read the description of Assassins our skills has been altered really badly, they shouldn't have been why do you believe a Templar should be stronger than a Rogue? a Templer can hold their own in battle that's good and fine but a Assassin should be able to do the same

    Assassins are not suppose to tank, they are stealthy not tanky. They were not to take full maps back in OG and I recall only suicide aoeing with an assassin class.

    Going by mechanisms how classes SHOULD be is how I laid it out

    isn't the gear the same in this game? I remember assassins having less def and relying more on dodge in OG. we didn't have as high level of maps back then

    Yes thats correct

    I totally agree with everything Rage said, we want our skills back to where they were there's no need for a Squire to be the strongest class in the game, cutting all other classes and targeting the other classes Templers, Mages, Acolytes, and especially Rogues reducing their abilities is a huge mistake, Rogues hold party's to help lower level players gain lvls cutting our experience, because, we are getting to higher levels is a mistake that is why we are playing the game! it's not challenging or fun if players are held at low levels, GM's are not held to the same low levels they are high levels and have a huge advantage over all players, making it too hard to level is not going to entice new players to play and older high level players to stay in the game, especially older players that knows the game can see the skills are not where they should be we are hoping the Game Master will restore our skills for all classes back to where they were originally, if you want to beef up Squires do it but don't take skills from everyone to fix them, we are hoping things change so people will play and the game is renewed before everyone quits , we want our skills fixed back and our experience back to where we can level if we do the work to level we should be able to level there's no need to struggle for every level we get

    Skills should be put back but squires/knight/warrior/warlords are suppose to be the strongest. Tanker wise. Templar should follow behind with abilities to carry at least half the map and assist kill, then assassins should be able to side kill with archers and wizzies...none of them are meant to be tanks. Healer doing their thing and then all assist kill (minus healer but yay for them finally getting an aoe to assist help) when the warrior and templar meet in the middle. Each class has their individual roles and it seems those are lost atm. Not for all the classes but certainly for some.

    I went 4 days aoeing Bangle and got 1 xen to drop on my fourth day. The drop rate is definitely low for xens than half a year ago.

    Same except I have done Oda, Lith and Bangle with no drop at all. Wisps.....those are not real and I refuse to believe they are because they just dont drop....>.> lol

    Exactly this! I know some will want the game resources to stay how it is, however, I truly believe that increasing drop rate will increase activity rate as well. It's what will motivate us to go out and farm and enhance our gears or pets because as of right now, enhancing gears or pets is a tearful method cause you will most likely get the short end. I don't even know why there is a +10 gear enhancement available when the only ones who has gotten it are people who won the pvp tourney and it would take 1 million xen stones to even get a crack at it.

    It would definitely motivate me more

    Fair enough. Sadly when things are posted on the forums for others the translation is lost. It would be SO helpful if those who have the same thoughts towards things would come on here and voice their feelings me...I have ran into that exact scenario. I have also ran into those who are 12 years old and still chant the Toys R Us song in their heads.....I am sorry to hear you, as well as others, had a poor experience and sorry to ANYONE who was treated poorly by a snot head.

    I'll give you a few even tho people will probably get in some type of feelings for me having the audacity to speak to a GM but ....when do I care? lol


    1. The spawn of CV was to all high level players. If you are going to do a city spawn as an event then do lower mobs on the lower cities and keep the higher mobs in a higher city. When the game first launched it was fine to do the higher level mobs because there were large amounts of players who could tackle the mobs together. Now you have a few scattered lower level new people who have NO shot at all in getting in on the fun.

    2. World boss is for the WORLD of the players but your world bosses are in high level maps with gates...meaning the lower levels cant even go.