Free Anime MMORPG - Xen Rebirth

Welcome to Xen Rebirth, an anime style MMORPG released in 2020.

The development of the private server of this anime MMORPG has begun in early 2019. We have decided to go with the older version Secret of the Solstice, since it was the most popular and loved version of the online game.
Other than Solstice Reborn, SotS had a great design and a beloved skill system. But there were also benefits in Solstice reborn, which we are now missing. Such as: the ingame auction house, quest markers, gathering ores or woods, gems & gear sockets..
But we have merged one of the latest versions game data of Xenepic Revo with the older Secret of the Solstice version.
This gives us the most ingame outfits, monsters, ingame pets, skill effects and maps of the latest version.

The original game was know as Xenepic in japan, Xen Online in korea & india and as Secret of the Solstice in America and the western hemisphere.

In Xen Rebirth you start your adventure as Xenian. You have to complete quests and fight monsters to get stronger and advance to the next class.
Now your journey in this great MMO really will begin!
Choose from 6 classes and level up to the next sub-classes. Tame pets, advance them to cute mounts or train them to skill pets.
Defeat powerful boss monsters and upgrade your gear and accessories with their loot.
Farm gear or rare items to get rich.. Play with new friends and explore the best online game!

There are 6 main roles you can choose from. Fighter, Mage, Healer, Rogue, Archer and Templar.
Each of the roles have 4 sub classes you will change to.
To advance to a higher class, you need a certain level and you need to complete a difficult quest.

Currently in development:

  • Release of new Maps, Monsters and Quests
  • Dragons' Heart Raid: A medium sized raid instance for 2 parties
  • New costumess
  • New in-game pets with skills
  • Automated Worldbosses and new Worldboss mechanics

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The features you can explore and experience in Xen Rebirth anime MMORPG:
Pets and Mounts Many companions await you ingame. They can boost your stats or carry you around the world of xen!
Guilds Fight and explore the Xen continent and this online game together with friends.
Party dungeons Defeat strong Boss monsters with friends or strangers and get great rewards.
Boss mechanics
Hundreds of Maps A lot of unreleased Maps were added and are still in preparation to be released for you to explore!
Hundreds of Monsters Powerful foes are awaiting you for combat. Prepare yourself for fun battles in this free online game!
Costumes A lot of cute and awesome costumes have been added in Lucky Balls which drop from monsters.
Skill based Combat Learn skills and master them to get the strongest hero in the world of xen.
6 main classes Choose from 6 main classes to explore this great anime style Online game. Such as Fighter, Healer, Mage, Assassin, Ranger, Templar
Quests Complete quests to get experience or get useful items you will not be able to get in an other way.
Crafting Craft your divine wings, accessories and potions to get stronger.

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