Game: Archer Class

Class Role: Main - Solo DPS | Secondary Support DPS

The Archer as we all know is a ranged class. With slows, poisons and quick attacks the Archer can take down the target fast and keep on moving.

Tossing arrows like mad leaving a trail of their enemies, the archer holds nothing back.

One could argue that the Archer is best solo, but they possess great AOE skills suited to slowing and taking down all foes who might threaten their comrades.

All this makes the Archer a great multi tool.

Sounds like you? Then Archer is the way to go.

Remember: We are all in this together.

Main Stats: POW

Secondary: MEN

Optional: AGI

Skill Information: Lexicon - Archer Skill List

Equipment info: Lexicon - Archer Armor and Weapons

Archer Sub Classes:

Level: 16 - 66
Class change at:
Rogues Guild (Guild Plaza)
Level: 66 - 96
Class change at:
Rogues Guild (Guild Plaza)
Level 96 - 131
Class change at:
Thieves Guild (Eir)
Archer Lord
Level 131 - 200
Class change at:
Thieves Guild (Eir)

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Information on Class changes: Lexicon - Class change Guide