Game: Cleric Class

Class Role: Main support (sufficient solo)

The life of a Cleric is not for the fragile minded individual. When chaos ensues it's up to you to keep everyone alive.

Clerics are blessed with many gifts to aid all around you. With crucial buffs to boost the attacking power of any class.

Added defense to others and significant heals to insure the life on Xen, you hold the key to success.

Yes, this class can be challenging at times but very rewarding. So if you love to help out others, then this is the class for you!!

Remember: We are all in this together.

Main Stats: INT Secondary: MEN Late game suggestion: STA etc

Note: A few points in POW are needed to equip weapons!

Skill Information: Lexicon - Cleric Skill List

Equipment info: Lexicon - Cleric Armor and Weapons

Cleric Sub Classes:

Level: 16 - 66
Class change at:
Acolytes Guild (Essene)
Level: 66 - 96
Class change at:
Acolytes Guild (Essene)
Level 96 - 131
Class change at:
General Church (Jotunnheim)
Level 131 - 200
Class change at:
General Church (Jotunnheim)

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Information on Class changes: Lexicon - Class change Guide