Game: Mage Class

Class Role: Main Support DPS

The life of a Mage is for those who want to deal crazy damage.

With single target attacks and amazing A.O.E. skills, this class is a power house. Be forewarned the Mage has very little defense which gives it the iconic name of "The Glass Cannon".

A great asset to any party the Mage is in his element when it comes to destroying the enemy at a distance.

This class can be difficult for some but a great addition to any party. So if you love to bring the pain and aren't afraid to look death in the eye, then the Mage is right for you.

Remember: We are all in this together.

Main Stats: INT Secondary: MEN Late game suggestion: Full INT or INT/MEN

Note: A few points in POW are needed to equip weapons!

Skill Information: Lexicon - Mage Skill List

Equipment info: Lexicon - Mage Armor and Weapons

Mage Sub Classes:

Level: 16 - 66
Class change at:
Magicans Convene (Essene)
Level: 66 - 96
Class change at:
Magicans Convene (Essene)
Level 96 - 131
Class change at:
Magicans Convene (Essene)
Level 131 - 200
Class change at:
Magicans Convene (Essene)

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Information on Class changes: Lexicon - Class change Guide