Game Screenshots

Ingame screenshots from Xen Rebirth, a free to play Xen Online private server in Anime style.

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This nostalgic 2.5D anime style MMORPG is a rebirth of Xenepic and Xen online aswell known as Secret of the Solstice.
Many old game mechanics and new content has been added. Such as instances and a channel system for maps.

Xen Rebirth private server MMO features:

  • * Hundreds of different monsters
  • * A lot of new skills
  • * New maps to explore
  • * Dungeons and instances
  • * Free MMORPG
  • * New game mechanics
  • * New outfits and gear
  • * Lots of ingame pets and mounts
  • * Worldbosses and Worldboss mechanics coming soon