Stat Points

Characters get stat points for each level up.

Below, you see a list of stats and their benefits. Choose your stats wisely. It is expensive to reset them.

StatEffectClass recommendationAdditional
POWIncreases Attack and WeightKnight, TemplarCleric, Mage, Rogue need a few points of this
stat to wear Weapon or Shield
INTIncreases MagicCleric, Mage
AGIIncreases: Dodge, Attack Speed, Skill Speed, Skill Crit, AttackRogue, ArcherKnight needs a few Points of this stat
to wear left-hand weapons
MENIncreases: Dodge, Skill Speed, Skill Crit, Crit, Hit Rate, HP & MP Heal valueArcher, Rogue, Knight
STAIncreases Maximum HP and HP heal valueKnight, Templar, Rogue
WISIncreases Maximum MP and MP heal valueCleric, Mage

New accounts get a Stat Rebirth Card for free.

If you are below level 20, you can reset your stats for free at Mordine in Essene. Lexicon: Stat Reset Service

For the best build for your class, check the forums or get help from other players!

Lexicon: Stat Points

Stat points are distributed after a level up:

* Each level up gives 1 point

* Each 5th level you get 1 extra point

* Each 10th level gives you 1 extra points (additional to the 5th)

This values are the same as they were in the MMO Secret of the Solstice.

The only change to stats that were made compared to Xenepic and Xen online is, that MEN affects all classes' skill cast speed.

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