Game: Knight Class

Knights stand proudly in front of a battle. Their defense is high and so is their resistance.

Knights use various Area of Effect attacks to fight multiple enemies at once.

This class has more HP and Weight than other classes.

Main Stats: POW (additional MEN)

Note: A few points in AGI are needed to equip left hand swords!

Skill Information: Lexicon - Knight Skill List

Equipment info: Lexicon - Knight Armor and Weapons

Knight's Sub Classes:

Level: 16 - 66
Class change at:
Knight's Convention

Squires fight at close range using sword and shield. Squires have more HP and WT than other characters. In the World of Xen, this class shouldn't be missed in any party.

Level: 66 - 96
Class change at:
Knight's Convention

Knights stand proudly at the front line during a battle. They use various Area of Effect attack skills. They value party cooperation and training above all else.

Level 96 - 131
Class change at:
Knight's Convention

Warriors learn to wield weapons in each hand, to fight even more enemies at once. With rich experience on various battlefields, Warriors grow into ultimate champions.

Level 131 - 200
Class change at:
Knight's Convention

The Warlord possesses all abilities of a Warrior. They are the masters of all swords, and the vanguards of any battle. Their strength and defense is outstanding.


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Information on Class changes: Lexicon - Class change Guide

More information about the Knights' class in the Xen Rebirth anime MMORPG can be found in the Lexicon: Knight