Xen Rebirth - The Game

Closed Beta (finished) 8th of November 2019 to 2nd of April 2020
Open Beta 3rd of April 2020
Server Location United States, Central
Server Timezone Central
Server Limit 1,000 CCU

This old game was known under many names: Xen Online, Xenepic and Secret of the Solstice.

The official free 2 play MMORPG got shut down more than 8 years ago. This is a rebirth of the abandoned online game.

Xen Rebirth private server is 100% free to play and no pay to win. We do not make any profit.

We hope the nostalgia and greatness of old 2.5D online RPG games will satisfy your gaming needs.

In this top down free Anime MMORPG, you can choose from 6 classes and can advance to 4 sub-classes.

Fighter Classes (Squire -> Knight -> Warrior -> Warlord)

Fighters trained in the art of hitting things.. hard.

With sword and shield in hand, they become the ultimate fighting weapon in Xen.

More information about Fighters

Magician Classes (Apprentice -> Mage -> Wizzad -> Archmage)

Magician apprentices, Magicians wield this magic to defend themselves, fighting from a distance with powerful attacks.

More information about Mages

Rogue Classes (Neophyte -> Rogue -> Assassin -> Shadow Master)

This class is known for their cunning and speed.

They dodge monsters attacks and strike back with poison.

Get to know the Rogue class

Healer Classes (Acolyte -> Cleric -> Priest -> Paladin)

Well on their way to being a full cleric, acolytes focus on helping others with their protective, healing magic.

Check out the Healer's path

Templar Classes (Disciple -> Templar -> Holy Avanger -> Saint Guardian)

Protectors of the people, Disciples bash their enemies with powerful clubs, and use their magic to finish the job.

Protect the Land and it's citizens with a Templar

Archer Classes (Scout -> Archer -> Ranger -> Archer Lord)

Scouts are masters of the bow and arrow. What they lack in melee combat, they make up for in ranged attacks and awe inspiring skills.

Defeat monsters from afar with an Archer

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